Good bye 2011, hello 2012

1 01 2012

Long Live By Taylor Swift

Dear world,

This is my yearly review.
Above is the song I declare my song for 2011. With the passing of the new year I think of everything that has ever happened and I think “Man did I have a great year”. I fought really hard for my As, I learnt a lot about myself from my friends and family, I learnt how strong I could be and how weak I actually was, but most of all, I learnt that I have the capacity to love such a group of people that I spent a lot of time with and for everything they did with and for me, I am very grateful to all my friends.

I choose Taylor Swift’s Long Live because I want every single memory I had of 2011 to live (well) long. Everything we ever did will be remembered.

I’m sorry if this is a short post but there isn’t much to say. How I remember 2011 is with this song. Music is powerful that way and with every word, memories come flooding back.

I hope everyone has a wonder 2012 ahead.





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