500th post soon

23 12 2011

Dear World,
Winter wonderland is truly amazing. However, spending over a week there is seriously tiring. But I am okay, my Christmas will be white this year.
Now I promised that I would write about Santa village and park but if you all do not mind, I want to keep that for my 500th post to be written on Christmas day (hopefully).

This post is a thank you note to everyone who has supported me and my blog since 2008. I know I might be considerably slower in getting 500 posts than other bloggers but it is ok. I just want to thank everyone who has read regularly (or not) and I am extremely grateful that I have at the oppertunity to share my ideas with the world.
I’ve mentioned this before, my generation has the opportunity to show that we actually have a damn brain! That we have ideas! That we know and understand and have opinions about the world around us. I honestly with 500 post, I’ve done a pretty ok job. I have some proof that I get what’s happening.

So I’ll tell you my chrsitmas wish now. I wish that my generation take control over the Internet, our niche, and make something out if themselves.
Merry christmas,




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