Merry Christmas

25 12 2011

Dear world,
Today many are celebrating Christmas all over the world. This day is a day millions come together and spend time with family. Today, I made a promise to my readers, that I would dedicate my 500th post to Santa Claus, the one and only. However, I hope everyone does not mind if I change the focus of the post a little to Christmas sprit.

There are millions of bloggers probably talking about the same thing right about now but that just shows how important that is to the world. Here in the north pole, it’s like the most ideal way to spend Christmas. Everyone is dressed up all the halls are decorated. It is beautiful here.

Everyone here takes pride at being the home of Santa Claus. One tv show on the tradition of saint nic repeats itself numerous times. Santa unites the world on this day and the Finns will scream it to the world if they can. Everyone flocked to Santa Village to see Jolly Old Saint Nic and be merry.

Honestly, while coming to Finland to experience it all it amazing, I miss being at home with family and friends. Christmas, as white as I will ever see it, just doesn’t feel as complete as it should. I love it here but I’ll love home more.
I hope everyone enjoys the holidays with their family.and with that I would like to end my 500th post with
“Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”


500th post soon

23 12 2011

Dear World,
Winter wonderland is truly amazing. However, spending over a week there is seriously tiring. But I am okay, my Christmas will be white this year.
Now I promised that I would write about Santa village and park but if you all do not mind, I want to keep that for my 500th post to be written on Christmas day (hopefully).

This post is a thank you note to everyone who has supported me and my blog since 2008. I know I might be considerably slower in getting 500 posts than other bloggers but it is ok. I just want to thank everyone who has read regularly (or not) and I am extremely grateful that I have at the oppertunity to share my ideas with the world.
I’ve mentioned this before, my generation has the opportunity to show that we actually have a damn brain! That we have ideas! That we know and understand and have opinions about the world around us. I honestly with 500 post, I’ve done a pretty ok job. I have some proof that I get what’s happening.

So I’ll tell you my chrsitmas wish now. I wish that my generation take control over the Internet, our niche, and make something out if themselves.
Merry christmas,

Winter wonderland

22 12 2011

Dear world,
For this year’s family vacation, with no real clue who picked the location ( I think it was my dad), my family is resisding currently in Lapland, Finland. In other words, the home of Santa claus.

After a painful 12 hour flight and a delightful domestic flight, we arrived in Lapland at about 9 in the morning local time (if you are reading this in Singapore, that’s 3pm).

Now, I know very well that I am an extremely fortunate girl, especially since I’ve experience the cold and snow before the last time I was in Europe. However, when I arrived this morning, I truly realized how lucky I was.

Firstly, my passport was stamped with the Finnish Immigration stamp. As trivial as it may seem, you have no idea how many people actually nave that stamp! For holidays, Lapland is not the top of the list for Singaporeans. It might be on the list of dream vacation but seriously, you are asking tropic folk to brave the 0 degree Cel of Finland……To quote my dad: ‘ next year, I want to go to a beach’. While we hope for a warm vacation next year, many are chilling on beaches in Malaysia.

So yeah, the Finnish immigration stamp will be pretty rare to come across in Singapore…. Now without eh looks of the flight we took, Australians seem to love Finland! But that’s a different story.

When we got to Helsinki international airport, snow was a minimum at -1 degrees. Here in Lapland, it’s like we jumped into a postcard! And here I thought all those postcards of Lapland were photoshoped! It’s the real deal and it’s very evident when you arrive! Step out of the airport and there’s postcard no. 1. Go down a few miles, postcard no. 2. It was like I jumped into a row of continuous postcards!

It’s only my first day here but I am seriously looking forward to having a white and beautiful Christmas here. Along with my first white Christmas, I had my first snowball fight, first European drink (gosh the alcohol content is high!) , ate my first reindeer and first time understanding what 3 hours of daylight actually mean!

So far so good. Visiting Santa’s village tomorrow.
Will share as my days go by.
Happy Holidays

Elections 2012?

14 12 2011

Dear World,

Ok my muse is being kind. There is something else I would like to bring up for discussion tonight.

Now, a few years ago, I supported Obama in the USA presidential elections even though I was not an American citizen. Now, I’m not supporting the 2012 elections. I’ll explain.

I’ve come to see the elections as …. ugh, this is not easy to explain. Ok, let’s see if I can do this in the most simple manner possible. For the record, I am not against democracy or any other political system, especially if it works for the dynamics of the country. A government’s job is to ensure the well-being of the people of the nation. If government’s do a good job, I will not argue or say anything. That philosophy is very simple to understand.

The situation in America looks like this to me: having an election every 4 years looks like too short an interval, especially if building your campaign over the span of a year and a half at least, leaving you with about 2.5 years to actually run a country.

2.5 years looks to me, too short a period to run a country and no president actually had no real chance to grasp the dynamics of the global community and make a long term difference to the united states, especially in the span of 2.5 years.

However, I understand the need to change political leaders. I get it. However, no one is really in office long enough to know which long term plans are needed to help the United States.

I am waiting for a potential political leader to see that. I am not all involved in American politics but how can you lead when you are more focused on yourself wanting to lead.

That’s just my opinion. It gets frustrating reading about new candidates promising more things to americans when all they need is change. Yes, Obama promised Change, but I think the need for a different type of change is stronger. We can only see how this plays out.

With regards,

P.S. I still think Obama is a genius. He had every one behind him because he kept repeating the word ‘Change’.


13 12 2011

Dear World,

I know I promised more regular postings but when you lack inspiration, it is difficult.

However, I have been blessed with a decent muse who has handed to me this topic for discussion!

The topic today is the television shows “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”. When the first season of “The Bachelor” was shown in Singapore, I watched it religiously. I was like… 14? Every little girl at the age of 14 knows what I mean when I say if we can’t get ‘love’, we will watch it.

Fortunately, I’ve matured from that age. Now that I watch some episodes, and I’ve realized that the show is about a girl or guy dating multiple people at the same time and everyone seems ok with it. One girl dating ( and at times kissing) various number of guys until you finally pick 1! Meeting ‘the right one’ has become a trial and test thing that has been publicized.

It may be fun to have about 24 guys trying to get your attention and woo you, but… call me traditional but isn’t a relationship suppose to be based on mutual feelings between 2 people, that grow into something strong and passionate. It really is not fair to put the Bachelors or the Bachelorettes in such a position, to break heart and have your heart broken.

I’m sorry. I can’t watch it. Not any more. If you ask me honestly, strong feelings like love or desire or whatever cannot be induced by some TV show. I don’t believe that is true.


Titanic 100th Anniversary

10 12 2011

Dear World,

Today, I went to the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands with my family to see the 100th Anniversary for the Titanic. The exhibit was amasing. We walked through the making of the titanic and entered a replica of the luxury cruise liner. The exhibit allowed you to read about people who boarded the ship, take a peak at the different class  living conditions and facilities and enjoy the ‘night sky’ on the main deck.

They even tried to recreate the disaster and assigned you a boarding pass where at the end you can find out if ‘you’ survived the tragedy.

It was truly amasing to walk through the replicated ship. I figured out why it was such a big deal, if the exhibited attempted to recreate the beauty of the titanic, I’m sure the real thing was very exquisite.

However, after you enjoy the beauty the exhibit has to show, you need to take a moment for the many many lives lost that night. Imagine you being 2 days away from New York and only about 700 people survived and everyone else was either left to freeze or drown.

It’s really sad to think that something so beautiful ended up being remembered for the most devastating maritime accident ever.

At least, we learnt from it and stricter rules were put in place.

The exhibit is still opened until April 2012. You should really go an see it.


The ‘elitism’ of Facebook

9 12 2011

Disclaimer: This post is in response to the movie: the social network and not the actually social networking site; I do apologise for any and all discrepancies in information about the organisation and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Dear World,

I actually wanted to do this post in a very long time, ever since I saw the movie “The Social Network”. If the movie holds some about of accuracy of  how Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, then it would be safe to assume that Facebook was built upon the foundation of elitism.From the movie, it looked like Zuckerberg wanted to impress a girl and he wanted to be in the ‘in’ crowd and he did what he had to do to get there. If the movie is wrong in its portrayal of Zuckerberg’s story, then I sincerely advise Mark to write a book so that kids of the future do not believe that The Social Network is his biography.

Off point. If we keep to the details of the movie, it really appears that Zukerberg wanted to be in the elite clubs and social groups that were and still are present at Harvard University. Facebook, whether derived from the twins to have ‘Harvard Connection” or out of Zuckerberg’s own imagination, was firstly, meant for Harvard Students. Now, I am not saying that the movie Zuckerberg was for elitism. I honestly think he was against it. Unfortunately, Mark was portrayed as such a jerk that no one really too much notice he’s intentions. He broke out of Harvard’s community and started to expand to Universities around the states and then globally. Genius. The kid (well, he is technically not a kid any more) is a genius!

Based on the movie, I think Mark Zuckerberg wanted to break down the hierarchy present. By allowing only Harvard to have Facebook or Harvard Connection, it just made them…. I don’t know… more superior? Seriously, if you hear the word “Harvard” you think of the prestige that comes with attending the school. There wasn’t a need for that to be emphasized. There was (and still is) a need to break down boundaries and change people’s mindsets on the social hierarchy. Education is education (despite Mark and Steve Jobs Proving that we don’t need one to make it big). Facebook is more then connecting people. It’s about connecting so many people that social status becomes insignificant or even obsolete.

For that, I thank the real Mark Zuckerberg, regardless of his intentions to build the social networking site.