How to get more done by pretending you’re on an airplane (via scientia et sapientia)

30 06 2011

Finally something that will help distracted students like me.

How to get more done by pretending you're on an airplane I get more work done when I'm flying. It's as simple as that. I can spend two hours on an airplane and accomplish almost as much as I can in an entire day in my office. What's that all about? And, more importantly, how can I be that productive even when I'm not on a plane? I'd love to tap into that level of productivity on a regular basis. So, why do I get more work done when I'm flying? It's really pretty simple. 1. No internet, no internet, no … Read More

via scientia et sapientia


Something interesting…

25 06 2011

School(s) & Pride

25 06 2011

Patrician Pride….
Now, I’m not a patrician mainly because Saint Patricks is an all boys school and I’m a chick. But my dad is a Patrician (or ex Patrician, I guess) and thats why I take concern about this.

Before I continue, my dad and his old school friends formed a football team called SPS ’79 a few years ago, mainly to exercise, play the sport they love and enjoy the company of their old friends. Over the past four years, respective families have become involved, majority have jerseys(even if we don’t play) and other years have joined in. Some of my uncles are involved as well and now it’s an amazing group of people where not only Patricians bond and have fun.

What I love about this group is that I want to be just like them. They are a group of alumni which love their school and love their school days. The topic of Patrician pride came up late in the conversation this evening while planning their reunion.

I just had my two cents in the conversation. Pride comes from family. If you don’t have family, pride will not grow. SPS ’79 is one giant family, and as much as I like to tease friends from the school and as much as I might not like to admit it, I have a bit of SPS pride in me. Because of SPS ’79.

Tampines Junior College (TPJC), my current school, believes in school pride and bonding (it’s in our school song). The family I have there makes me feel like I’m part of the school and that’s what matter. I really don’t care about school politics. There’s no fun in that. There is no positive result of that. Being part of the Drama Elective Programme(DEP) of TPJC just makes me feel like I’m in another close family and that there is a strong need to maintain my friendships there, which I hope I will maintain after I graduate in 6 months.

The problem with having or maintaining school pride is the ‘politics’ behind pride. Every school has, had or will have this problem. People attempt to build (dictate) school pride, without the basic foundation; school has to be like a family. End of story. Get that right!

Enough with politics between schools, alumnis and ex-students. There’s no point! Pride is pride, family is family. Politics screws things up.

I seriously didn’t believe there was a need for this post before tonight! I actually thought people understood that.

To all schools and school alumnis: school pride is based on family. If the strong foundation of family is there, you have your pride.
To groups of random friends that were from the same school, do something fun and regular together. Just have fun together. When you worry about ‘pride’, things mess up.



19 06 2011

Dear world,

Pinkdot is (in a sense) Singapore’s very own Gay Pride. I put on Facebook that I was attending unfortunately, I had pre-arranged plans. I will however, go next year.

My friend, Chesna went and she sure seemed very uplifted at the event. The founder of Necessary Stage, Alvin Tan, put a video of the Pinkdot on his facebook.  Many local celebraties supported and attended the event. Sounds typical yes. A democratic country fighting for the rights of Gays, Lesbians Transgender and Bisexual people (sound famillar to you).

Here’s the way they argue it. We fight for the freedom to love. Now I am a strong believer that language plays a big part in how we view the world and shape our opinions.

We fight for the freedom to love. Sounds… well romantic and sweet.

I can’t really say much, except that I support the Pinkdot fully in their cause and I hope to be there next year, in the brightest pink shirt ever.  ( thats saying something cause I dont really like pink)

Signing off


My view on election (finally right)!

17 06 2011

Dear world,
I told some of my friends that I was tired but really I am restless. I thought forcing myself to bed would help but now I’m reading my general paper packages. Now me restless with reading material results in …. Well a blog post from my iPhone.

Enough with the ranting.
While reading, I came across an article about the general elections in Singapore and I realized that I haven’t given my views on it (or my complete views anyway).
I honestly am not very surprised by the results (it’s Singapore. Elections are alil predictable). But what really captured me about the election was how much my generation, youths between 15 and 20,were paying so much attention. We couldn’t even vote yet.
One major reason, I believe why so many of us paid attention was because of the use of social media. I didn’t need to go to any rally or speech or etc. I got real time updates from Facebook and twitter. The ‘spam’ I got when the results were actually in flooded my email.
Now, I give credit to all candidates using social media for getting my attention. Trust me, without the Internet, I would be living under a damn rock. But I knew what was happening, who was running for who. Some of their plans for the future.
Now this is important in the long run, politicians listen up. I don’t get to vote yet. But I know what I want for me/my friends/family/country. I know which party shares similar views and if the districts change again (cause it did before), my mind has already leaning towards particular parties ( not set in stone though, things change in 5 years.)
I’m third generation here. I know what I want and what we need to progress.

Ok my rant is over but I’m still restless 😦