General election results (draft)

7 05 2011

Dear world,
Tonight, the whole of Singapore is in front of their TVs. Lives have been put on hold, our future is on our screens.

HAHA! Ok abit dramatic yes? But it is true. This has been the most exciting General Election Singapore has ever seen. Want to know my vote?

Easy. I didn’t vote! WAIT! I’m underage. Im 17++ (just incase anyone is tracking my blog). I can’t vote yet. I have to wait for the next one.

But this GE… wait…first results came in

Mountbatten SMC -PAP.

Ohh there’s a shock.

I’m sorry. I feel that may be we should give the opposition a chance. 


Bukit Panjang SMC results

PAP won again.

OK where was I?

Oh yeah, we should give the opposition a chance. I believe that while the ruling party (PAP) has done a wonderful job over the past ..


(wrong time to blog)

PAP took over Radin Mas

OK. I think ill wait for all the results then blog….damn it ill be up til 3 am in the morning

Ok I am going to draft this as the results come out.

OMG I GIVE UP. Results are going to keep flowing. Im just going to blog.

As I was saying, the rulling party (PAP) has done a pretty good job. I now live a decent life and have a house, education and the bare essentials to live in Singapore. However, things need to change alil. I personally would LOVE to spice up parliment. That’s why I was leaning towards the opposition this year. More voices are required to help Singapore progress. A single party has the downfall of not being fully aware of other issues that Singapore faces. More voices= more views. But then again no one wants a gridlock.

UGH sorry too tired to blog right now. Ill do it tomorrow when im  more awake kay.