Youths & the Web

3 04 2011

Dear world,
I have… I suppose you can say an associate who is very involved in our generation’s latest toy. The Internet. She is currently doing preparing for a presentation concentrating on social media and one of the many examples we give when we hear the words Social Media is Facebook.
Her tweets currently are focused on how her parents don’t understand her interest in the internet and connecting the world through this medium.
So now the question at hand: why are youths so keen on making the web part of their daily lives and should this be embraced?

It would be arrogant to believe that the internet hasn’t touched every corner of the globe and that it isn’t a useful, convenient and fast medium of communication. In fact, the older generation is well aware of this. Smart phones, PCs, laptops and not e-books are life examples of how the Internet has achieved the one thing many would want to achieve. World domination.
The reason for this is because of the internet’s flexibility. It doesn’t dominate, suppress laws/ideologies and people have their own say. Hence its successful world dominance.
One must understand that before considering why youths of today are so keen to be online 24/7.
As seen in the middle east, Facebook was used as a medium of freedom fighting, allowing many to stand up for what they believe in, allow them to fight for their rights and their future. Even as individuals blog, the world is changed. People are influenced by writings, images, video , etc. Many wonder how we can push the content on the web to help make a difference in the world, from changing ideologies to combatting political injustice. Even if one wishes not to look at it on a large-scale, youths share talents via Youtube or quotes via twitter. You alter perspectives, taste, morals,  ideas, etc just with a click of a button.

It is because of this seemingly unlimited freedom of expression that youths are willing to be online all the time. To add to that, as long as their social circle is on the web, they will join in. That’s how facebook markets itself anyways, right?

This interactive and convenient medium of expression is what draws youths much like how honey attracts bees. I believe there is really no stopping it.

So does that mean we should embrace it as our future? Well, I don’t see any other alternative route around it. We either ride the wave and have a blast or we get washed away by this massive tidal wave. Youths and adults working in social media and new media industries are well aware of this. Many may argue that with this media comes lack of censorship which may lead to negatively influencing users and I understand their concerns. But that is not the issue here. We have to understand that there are youth that have opinions, voices , ideas, views.

They want to help build a better world. Parents who do not understand this will then not understand the significance a person can make. Before you had to be brave and do something out of the norm to make a difference. Now any one can do it. Anyone can fight for rights. Anyone can have vivid discussions. Anyone can be a superhero.

As childish as it sounds, we all want to be a superhero and we have the easiest and fastest medium to do so. So we embrace it.

If you still aren’t convinced that we can change the world and be heroes with ease, then believe me when I say I wrote the first 3/4 of this post with my I-phone in the train on my way to the library.





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