Pre-trip ideas

20 03 2011

Dear World,

I would like to announce that I have been chosen by the Ministry of Information, Communication and Arts (MICA) to blog for them about Singapore Day in Shanghai this April, something I did not expect to win ( it was a contest).

While I am excited about the event I refuse to check out Singapore Day’s website. I would like to go there, get a full experience without any background information about the event, even though it’s too late now cause I know which local artists are going.

However there are some questions I want to see if I can answer when I am there. Firstly, how strong is the Singapore Spirit there and is it so strong that the physical boundaries do not distort this Spirit? Can the essence of Singapore (or any country really) be captured into one day? Is the social/cultural fabric similar or different?

I suppose MICA would want me to ‘report’ on the day but I am not entirely sure if I can do that. Everything I blog about, I try to relate back to what I learn in school and what I learn about the world. 

If you are wondering where all this is coming from, I am actually preparing for an exam tomorrow and was reading my Globalisation notes. Hey, I’m still schooling. There are somethings I still have to do.



stumbing upom

17 03 2011

Dear world,

While on my SDC trip with my blogger friends, I learnt about the site Now, I have heard of this site before but I never really got around to checking it out. So I just created an account to see what the site is about.

I didn’t believe how simple it is. You actually just STUMBLE UPON a site. I am now looking around for inspiration to blog about. If ANY of you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line. I will see what I can do.

Rediscovering My Singapore

12 03 2011

Dear World,

Be proud. Be humble. We are Asian and International. We are mordern but we keep our traditions.

I found this difficult to understand, especially when these words greeted me as I entered Singapore Discovery Centre’s Gallery.  In fact, the whole concept of having a Discovery Centre confused me. What were we discovering?

I have been to Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) before and in my opinion, everything felt messy. There are exhibits about Singapore’s history, culture, defence, military, people, language(s) and future. At every corner, there will be something new that you may or may not know about Singapore. Quotes of how Singapore being a little red dot and still can compete in our competitive and globalised world filled walls.

And yet I came out of there thinking ‘What did I discover?’


Well, I learnt that I am pretty good when it came to handling a SAR21, especially in simulation but I really cannot handle firing a pistol for nuts. And I might make a pretty good pilot in the airforce. So warning to everyone who wants to get on my bad side! HAHA!

This might call for a carrer change. Hmm….

I am sorry I am going off track (as I always do).

I don’t think you really discover anything at SDC. Instead, you REDISCOVER.

The ‘messiness’ of SDC exhibits is what helps with this rediscovery. You are already greeted with the words ‘Be proud’, big and bold when you enter the gallery. SDC provides a medium for rediscovery of culture, society and self. When I roamed the exhibits with my new found blogger friends, I relearnt my history. Being a minority within the group and the country, I have had my doubts were I stand on the ‘Singaporean scale’. I never REALLY looked typical Singaporean (what does a typical Singaporean look like anyways?) and my Singlish isn’t really all that pro. However, it does not really matter. “I do not have a Chinese name but I’m not ang moh” is a pharse I heard while listening to a “Living in Singapore” podcast and that statement really applies to me. Does that make me less of a Singaporean? No. In fact, it just reminded me of how unique I really was. And I rediscovered my pride.

 You know, we all have a piece of the little red dot in us. SDC just reminds us of that.

I went down to SDC today to have fun and get inspired. I came out with a better understanding where I stood in Singapore and how my actions, my values and my choices help shape our country. And of course, I rediscovered my pride.

But if you had to ask me what the highlight of my day was, I would have to say it was definately trying the SAR21 riffles and the pistol. Hey, I’m a girl with a medical condition. There is really no way I was going to get the oppertunity to hold those weapons again.

Yours truely,
Cheyenne Phillips


9 03 2011

Dear world,

I got shortlisted for’s blogging competition and I did not believe it. So much for youth in Singapore do not have a voice.

This weekend I will be going down to Discovery Centre this Saturday to get inspired for the blog off.

I realise that this is infact an effective way to promote Singapore’s Discovery Centre but I don’t realy care. Finally, my voice is heard through a medium in which my generation can understand.

Many critisize Singaporean youth, claiming we are so self-centred that we do not care for the rest of the world. We are revolved around our own worlds and nothing beyond that.

EXCUSE ME! We are very opinionated yes. You see, I think that we are educated to believe that we must be right. Therefore, sharing our opinions is considered …. not the norm? for fear of being wrong.

It really is tough being a teenager in Singapore. You want us to have different opinions but always get the right answer. Weird.