I feel most Singaporean when…

8 02 2011

Dear World,

I notice I never really took in the bright side to being Singaporean much. May be it is because it is a case of ‘the grass is greenner on the other side’ but to be honest, Singapore has the greenist grass I have ever seen. Not even the scenery of Greece can beat how wonderfully green our grass is.

Lost track. The point of this post is because it was offered as a challenge/contest ( just check out my about page). So I thought…well I am Eurasion living in Singapore. My loyalies in a sense lie within the country I bonded with people more and not where my bloodline comes from. And I know I can be like many other Singaporeans when I complain about the system here but really, being Singaporean does have its very funny moments. 

As cliche as it is, everyone knows that Singaporeans reserve tables with packets of tissue. Or line up for anything without knowing what they are lining up for. OH! And it is always crowded in an area when the word ‘FREE’ is big and bold. For some people being Singaporean means kissing your beloved at Singapore river or riding the (extremely slow) flyer. Or knowing that our founding fathers are still alive ( at least the more famous ones are). Or wondering how much of our taxes are put into the firework display on National Day. Speaking of which, why is National Day called National Day and not Independance day?


May be the Singlish sets us apart from the rest of the world? How much culture is in that language? It bonded early Singapore. Who cares about it being ‘bad english’?

I will very honest here. I feel most Singaporean when I see other Singaporeans do all the uniquely Singaporean things, watching foreigners look at them with puzzled looks and I start laughing. It is when I giggle and cover my mouth to hide the laughter that actually wants to burst out. It is almost like the whole country is involved in some secret code or inside joke that just makes everyone else question us.

 In a sense it feels like a big family.

I recall listening to a “Kena Pluck” on the Married Men from 91.3 sometime back and there was this one pharse the ‘pluckee’ said that stuck with me. ‘Singapore so small, don’t tell people, people also know’. That was the funniest statement I have ever heard! Because it is so true. In a relatively small community, people know when something happens. It is almost like there is a giant sign above everyone’s head displaying their inner thoughts and intentions.

HAHA! That is a funny thought.

With regards,