Cloud theory

28 11 2010

Hi all,
Greetings from Greece.
I was on facebook about a few minutes ago and found out that a friend thought that I was in the acient ruins of Egypt and wondered why I was posting comments and status updates on facebook. Well here is my response.
They gods sent me free wifi…
Haha, get it? Cause I am in Greece where the gods are…..
Lame I know. I am a but bored from trying to attempt to write my report without all my complete resources so I though I would share with you the cloud theory. I do not have photos yet but I will soon.

The cloud theory simply goes like this. In an area where there are clouds which looked lumped together and look likentheybare in a fix position or shape, the area is very strict and or convervative. In an area where the clouds are not as dense and are more wide spread, the area is more liberal. Think I am kidding?
It is a theory!
Singapore has pretty dense clouds!! We rarely see those that just are swept around. Here in Greece you see a lot of less dense clouds floating by minding their own business!!! Hard to explain with examples. It was just an observation!
May be you have views on this cloud theory. Just think about it.


Does Complex equal simple?

24 11 2010

Dear World,

Watch this video first please!

Complex does not equal to complicated.

Interesting concept. I also liked how he explained everything in three minutes and 28 seconds.

I, personally like complex ideas and situations because then I can take the time to solve them and have some fun, (yeah…I know I might be weird!). But you need to understand. Complex situations just means there is a lot of mess behind the actual problem. ¬†Everything is just very simple. People just make a mess of simple things, making them complicated and visually complex.

Note: VISUALLY COMPLEX! Re-watch the video if you must. He had this mind map stuff or atom like stuff and he made them smaller or more condense and precise. You could understand how to solve the problem.

It makes very good sense if you think about it. I just thought I share it with you. ūüôā


24 11 2010

Dear World,

I believe in my public, and I have done my best to make the arrangements to my site for your reading pleasure. I even found the RSS icon to put on my site.

I would also like to tell you that I will be on VACATION to Greece and Turkey but I will try and sneak away my dad’s iPad during the trip. So expect post from Greece and Turkey where I will be inspired by the culture, the food, the places and of course! THE BOYS! Haha, forgive me I still am a teenager.

So expect to see some stuff in the coming weeks…see you all!

Love Bites

24 11 2010

Dear world,

Ok. It is a bit typical for a teenage girl to discuss about love on her blog but forgive me here. There has just been a lot going on.

I have two guy friends. ( Now you are thinking ‘Oh no. Typical teenage love triangle and now she is ranting it on her blog.’) No, oh dear god, no. They are my friends. They just have love problems of their own they need to settle with their respective crushes and potential loves. These guys are not… the most genius at relationships but it really got me thinking about the definition of love. It is so strange really because there are many people who define love differently.

For example, I think love is having someone believe in everything you are and never doubts who you are and you would do the same for the person.

A friend of mine believes in loving one person and one person alone., and he cannot have any one else. He would feel like he is cheating..

I don’t know being a teenager is confusing. Being in love is confusing.

Being a teenager who is in love is a nightmare…..Good luck to all


23 11 2010

Hey everyone. I have had a lot of people ask me for rss feed. in the blog now, under the search bar on the right hand side there is an RSS to Post. JUST CLICK THAT!

Love me!

Singlish: Enriching or damaging

20 11 2010

Dear World,

I am commenting on  some statements made in this article by Bea Johnson.

Singlish. Part of Singapore’s unique culture or is it a damaging language? This is the question of the day.

Now, to all the ‘ang mohs’ ( cacassion people) who have visited, will be visiting or currently staying or working here in a country where¬† it is ‘very hot one’ ( the weather is very warm), you may not be very familar with all the common terms of this language. Hence I will be translating everything Singlish in this post and it will be highlighed in the colour blue ( as already seen).

Now, ‘ang moh, ah, you come to Singapore, you will hear people talk like this one. (When you come to Singapore, you will hear people converse in this manner). This is normal. However, Singapore goverment is promoting speaking good english. This is to promote and inculcate good speaking habits when attracting those from overseas to work in Singapore, mainly.

The responses Singaporeans give are normally, ‘ Walau! goverment so le che’ (Why must the goverment make our lives more difficult?), ‘I talking English, what!’ ( I am already conversing in English!) and ‘Speak proper English very chim one!’( Speaking proper English is very hard and/or inconvient).

Now, you may be thinking ‘wah, so chim!’ ( wow, it is very difficult and inconvient) but I strongly feel that Singlish has brought Singapore together in a very unique way. It has been observed through out history what when people share common interest or common languages, they interact better and remain more bonded. In the early stages of building our nation, Singlish was a common language used to allow people to converse with one another more easily. This mixture of Malay, Mandrin, Hokkien, other dialiacs and obviously English has possibly played a large part in shaping mordern Singapore. In no where else in the world will you find such an amsing and unique language. It does not matter if you understand it or not. This kind of thing, must appreciate one. (It is worth appreciating).

Now, there is another side to this story. Is Singlish a damaging language? Well, to be perfectly honest, I have trained myself to be more comfortable in conversing in simple plain English. However, sometimes feelings, emotions and words are better emphaised with Singlish. Like I could be having a conversation about the theatre programmed I am in to my friends or family members and when they give me confused looks, I respond by saying its very chim/ very le che (very difficult to comprehend).¬† Prephas it is damaging, in terms of international communication and making ‘ang mohs’ feel welcomed or how we can never quite get the English language perfectly.

But then you see, I am not sure what is such a big deal. Ang moh come, can learn one.( When cocasions come, they will learnt the language).

Look ah. This guy talkcock like pro one. ( Watch this. This guy speaks perfect Singlish like a pro)[note: talkcock= a cocasion speaking singlish]


Aiyo! I tell you ah. You take away Singlish, not Singapore any more, faham tak. Singlish ah, is Singapore one eh. I go any where, talk talk talk, people understand what. Nothign wrong. Walau. I tell you ah, Italy got leaning tower, france got big tower one but singapore, no land to build tower. So we build language ah. Singlish, la. Make sense, right. Aiyo, still don’t understand you stupid ah! Singapore must have Singlish one, then we are uniquly singapore, can?

[Listen! Let me tell you something. If you take away Singlish, it won’t feel like Singapore anymore, understand or not? Singlish is way to identify Singapore. I can go anywhere in Singapore and talk Singlish and people do understand. There is nothing wrong about it.¬†Listen! Let me tell you, Italy has the leaning tower, France has the effiel tower but Singapore does not have the land space to build an equality tall tower. So, we created a language. Singlish, of course. Doesn’t it make sense? If you still do not understand, you are absolutely dumb. Here in Singapore, Singlish must be around, then we can say we are truely uniquly Singapore, alright?]

Responses to recent slashing and murders

10 11 2010

Please read the above links before reading this post.

Dear world,

Less than 2 weeks ago, I felt that Gang activity in Singapore was at a low and that people getting hurt by Gangs was far from reality. Now it is a reality. Over the past two weeks or so, there have been two incidents which by members of Gangs have come running around with knifes and metal rods, hitting and hurting  innocent people.

Does this mean when I walk around the corner to the mall, do I have the possibility of coming home with slashes or in a wheelchair? Perphas.

I always felts that if I did nothing to anger people, I will not get hurt. But now no one seems to be so safe.

Here in Singapore, we watch movies about gangs in America, or in Europe or in other areas of the world. We hear about the violence they cause and the damage they do. And we think that it all occurs in a far distant land and here in Singapore, we are safe.  I now know how some of you feel to some extent. When you walk out on the street and not 5 feet away from your house you could get hurt or lose your life.

Now the question I pose is crime in Singapore on the rise? Well, I have yet to confirm this answer but I can tell you that Gang related activities may be making a come back.

Take care now all of you