NaNoWriMo is back

31 10 2010

Dear world,

NaNoWriMo is back. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month which occurs every November and I challenge all of you to write a novel in the month of November.

If …I mean when I finish my novel, I will create a new blog and put it up there and let everyone read it. But keep looking here for updates.




To you

28 10 2010

Dear world,

Things have been rough at school. We recieved our results and we now know who will move on to year 2 and who will not. This is getting difficult because I am very close to my theatre classmates and three of them will not move up with the rest of us.

How do you celebrate something so wonderful when your friends, sitting right next to you, are in tears?

I learnt that every moment I spent with everyone was precious and I wish that everyone of you will make memories.

Make happy memories. Make MANY happy memories. Because you will never know when you can’t be with the people you care deeply for. Don’t regret anything that made you smile. Don’t take people for granted.

And sometimes, birthday wishes don’t come true.

Sorry for the depressing post.


( Dedicated to the Drama Elective Programme Students of 2010)

Is Facebook bringing us together or denying us our solitude?

4 10 2010

Inspired by Newsweek, September 27 2010. With Friends like these.

Dear World,

I know there is this Facebook Movie out but I have yet to watch it. I just read the article and the question I pose is a pretty simple one to understand. Is Facebook bringing us together or denying us our solitude? And then there is another question. Do we feel so alone that we need Facebook and other social networking sites to feel…well not alone?

This article confuses me and these are the two questions that I infered from it. Let’s look at the first one.

Is facebook bringing us together or denying us our solitude? Well, seem very easy to answer. Facebook ( like many other social networking sites) are there for ( well, DUH!) social networking. You meet friends, make friends, find out friends, and etc, etc. We tag them in photos and videos and send the messages and send them gifts and play games and ‘poke’ them. We even turned a physical action of poking into sending a virtual action to imitate poking. But after a while, if you take 2 ( physical) steps back, facebook becomes our daily routine. Send a gift there, poke a friend here and stalk an old lover or potential boyfriend. Suddenly social networking is not all it is worked up to be. Yes, I can tell my cousin in Australia ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY, now when you going to get a girlfriend?” or even send seasons greetings to internation friends I’ve met during internation events or on world trips. Social networking has made the world smaller, that is an invetable fact. We have been brought ‘closer’ due to virtual intimate interaction. That is what makes the world smaller. But it has made mankind lazier ( let me diverge from the question a bit. I have a point!)  The other day, I swear I saw a group of girls on their phones ‘poking’ each other on facebook…. They were sitting 2 inches apart from each other. We now wish friends well greatings with out telling them to their face. This form of bringing us together is not REALLY bringing us together.

Now to look at “denying us our solitude”. Facebook and other relevant networking sites, work 24 hours, 7 days a week, 52 weeks in a year, a whole year. We can click away and our friends profiles will appear on our computer screen. That makes you wonder, are we really alone? With the 21st century being even more hectic than ever, solitude is something wr crave. On rainy days ( much like today) I like to blast the music on my Ipod, shut the curtains, close the doors and hide under the blanket and well, emo. But then…*BUZZ*.  My Iphone vibrates. Oh look. Someone posted something on my wall. I’ll check it and then go back to my emoness. 2 minutes later, 7 comments have been left on that post on my wall. Even when I am completely alone physicall, I am not ‘completely’ alone. No, I don’t blame Facebook for spamming my wall. That I will go tell my friends off for. But Facebook is responsible for creating a medium for this and allows this lack of solitude to be amplified much greater in our lives.

The reason why we join facebook is so that we will not be alone. Hmmm.  I suppose so. People like to be surrounded…well…by people. Look to answer this question. You should watch the below video.

Is India really ready for the Commonwealth games?

4 10 2010

Dear World,

Apologies for not blogging recently, I have been mugging for the upcoming exams.

Now I am still mugging because tomorrow I have to write an essay on a question the school sets and well I am preparing possible examples. With that, I would like to ask, Is India really ready for the Commonwealth games?

To be perfectly perfectly honest, if you were like me ( EXTREMELY BUSY) even too busy to read the papers every morning, you would at least know about major world events because people around you will help create the buzz and you will eventually find out.

Here’s the thing. I didn’t know about the Commonwealth games until I read this article in Newsweek.  Apparently the Queen wouldn’t even make a grand appearence. This is serious.

The commonwealth games was suppose to be comparable to the Bejing Olympics. However, stadiums are not well built, India is running out of money and players are ot coming. Hmm.

You see the difference between China and India when preparing for their respective games was that China was very aware that a lot at stake, and they made the world every aware of that too. They had the baby milk poisoning and stuff like that. Their national pride was stake. Now India ( IN MY OPINION) was seen in many people’s eyes as, oh the pity country with all the poor and stuff like that. There was not a need to try and bring up pride or make their name better…well there was some national pride at stake but how important was it really?

I dont know. I wish India the best of luck with the Commonwealth games.