The Youth Olympics

18 08 2010

( Disclaimer: I am in a humorous mood today. Any possible negative notes made here about anything is SUPPOSE to be funny! In the event you can’t see the humour, FIND IT! ( and I apologise))

 The Youth Olympic Games. Located on the tiny island of Singapore (GOOGLE IT!).

The other day, my school tormented me by asking me and my class to watch the Women’s Gymnastics Event. Here is how the tormented me. During Physical Education (known to the Americans or other countries as GYM class), my teacher will not let me do anything! Not run, play badminton, walk. I am NOT even allowed to laugh.


I have a heart condition and they don’t want to take any risks. So they tormentmented me by sending me to games I would NEVER be allowed to play in. You see I can’t even laugh!

But I did want to go. I am not denying that! I’m just saying people have a weird sense of thinking…

” Oh you can’t laugh….but you can go watch people, twril, jump, roll, tumble and do all kinds of stuff”….

” You can’t get excited. You should not get your blood pumping too fast.” BUT they sent me to a YOG game….where our purpose was to CHEER!


But I enjoyed it. I did. I think that 4 countries we watched that afternoon were very smart. They wore the outfits which were very bright and obvious and may or may not been their country’s colours. Chile wore a dark purple, China (duh!) red, Japan wore red, white and black and The Chez Republic ( Sorry! I can’t spell) wore pink! I could not identify ANYONE ELSE. So I was cheering for Ms Pink and Ms Purple, although both Ms Reds were very impressive ( and unbelievably cute because they looked SO small for 15 yr olds)! But I cheered for the other two because to me…underdogs rule.

Underdogs can make it anywhere. They just have to believe. China can train girls from the age of 4 years old but the underdogs…they are the ones whose victories will be celebrated the most! You will have fireworks and stuff like that.

Like Singapore for example, and I am still annoyed at a few things.

We are a small little red dot on the world map (GOOGLE IT)!  Everyone had doubts if we won YOG and now people doubt we wont win any medals…..strange

dont doubt us!




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