National day Rally Sppech 2010

29 08 2010

I missed the fist hour of the speech but I am going to blog about what I think about what I listened to.

I basically watched the education and SINGAPORE SPIRIT part. And tomorrow, I am part of the lucky few to have a dialouge session with the Senior Minister of State tomorrow. So this is kinda of like preparing for it, (if you don’t mind listening to my rants).

Prime Minister Lee (PM Lee) enjoyed talking about education, especially holistic education. You see, my definition of holistic education is intergrating education with arts and sports and finding links. But Singapore is a mugging country and we are educating a mugging nation. No matter how much money we put into the system, we need to change the mindset of students. When I was younger, I never saw holistic education in action and to a certain extent I still don’t see it now. This may be because I, much like many students here, I am studying for exams which are important and that can get me somewhere in the world. So it is not Singapore’s fault at all. It is external circumstances where the mindset of being someone is the most important thing in the world. So! We need to find ways to change the mindset. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am still going to ask the Senior Minister what we can do, I just have my own solution too.

I agree with PM Lee. We do have programmes which encourage students to focus on other wonderful and enjoyable things in life. We have overseas trips and competitions and activities in the various areas. We enjoy many many oppertunities and we will continue to enjoy more oppertunities in time to come.

The other issue PM Lee discussed was the Singapore Spirit. He honoured our past and tried to pave the way for our future. Although I may not have grown up in the era that Singapore’s great progess occured, but I always feel that every time I see one of our LIVING forefathers, I need to shake his or her hand. I need to. I have a great urge to! I want to say, ” Sir, THANK YOU.”  I just… urg….if I could, I would hug each and everyone of them. I am not the biggest fan of the sucject called ‘history’ but I really want to thank these guys. Every time I look out my window or in my messy messy room or at the Singapore skyline or when ever I go into town, I keep reminding myself, without these people, this would not be my home today. The clean water I drink, the radio playing in my room, the room I am in… HDB would not have began without the respective people. Or my education ( no matter how stressful I agree it is) would not be very complete without them. So I thank my founding fathers.

If you ask me if I wanted to be a minister, I would tell you, I never really thought of it. I guess I would like to promote the Arts in my country and not only by just building a building like the money making esplanade. I would like to do much more. You know, in that area


Singapore’s latest YOG soccer match

22 08 2010

Dear world and Singaporeans.

 If you have not heard it yet, Singapore lost their semi-final game (2-0).

I would like to appeal to the nation, we should not feel disappointed in these players. I watched the quarter final game they played and they played a much tighter and much better game than when they went up against Haiti.

BUT HEY! SINGAPORE! It is ok! We have to admit, our boys, our UNDER 15 team, played some good games in the short time. I don’t think we have made it that far in ANY Olympic games. We have a lot to be proud of.

I would like to thank the team. The cute and young ( younger than me at least) team for playing their best and giving it their all. Singaporeans may not be perfect and we may not always claim the gold but no one, and I really mean NO ONE can blame our team and the other Singaporean YOG participants for not trying their all. I have seen numerous games in the different sports and we fought will we could not fight any more. And that is what sets us a part from the world. We keep trying.

Many have said that Haiti have been the underdogs and I congratulate them for proving to the world that they are good. I see many similarities between the respective teams. Both, were apparently, not predicated to go far and after Singapore proved earlier in the week that it was a force to be reckoned with. This match was the battle of the Underdogs. Now Haiti has said ” DONT MESS WITH US TOO”

I hope that back at the Youth Village, both teams will eat supper together as friends, no matter what the Haiti team or Singapore team did during the game.

Although on the field I did not feel respect oozing from the players, both teams played with much excellence and I pray they continue their friendships. Because that is all what the Olympics is about.

Good Night world

The Youth Olympics

18 08 2010

( Disclaimer: I am in a humorous mood today. Any possible negative notes made here about anything is SUPPOSE to be funny! In the event you can’t see the humour, FIND IT! ( and I apologise))

 The Youth Olympic Games. Located on the tiny island of Singapore (GOOGLE IT!).

The other day, my school tormented me by asking me and my class to watch the Women’s Gymnastics Event. Here is how the tormented me. During Physical Education (known to the Americans or other countries as GYM class), my teacher will not let me do anything! Not run, play badminton, walk. I am NOT even allowed to laugh.


I have a heart condition and they don’t want to take any risks. So they tormentmented me by sending me to games I would NEVER be allowed to play in. You see I can’t even laugh!

But I did want to go. I am not denying that! I’m just saying people have a weird sense of thinking…

” Oh you can’t laugh….but you can go watch people, twril, jump, roll, tumble and do all kinds of stuff”….

” You can’t get excited. You should not get your blood pumping too fast.” BUT they sent me to a YOG game….where our purpose was to CHEER!


But I enjoyed it. I did. I think that 4 countries we watched that afternoon were very smart. They wore the outfits which were very bright and obvious and may or may not been their country’s colours. Chile wore a dark purple, China (duh!) red, Japan wore red, white and black and The Chez Republic ( Sorry! I can’t spell) wore pink! I could not identify ANYONE ELSE. So I was cheering for Ms Pink and Ms Purple, although both Ms Reds were very impressive ( and unbelievably cute because they looked SO small for 15 yr olds)! But I cheered for the other two because to me…underdogs rule.

Underdogs can make it anywhere. They just have to believe. China can train girls from the age of 4 years old but the underdogs…they are the ones whose victories will be celebrated the most! You will have fireworks and stuff like that.

Like Singapore for example, and I am still annoyed at a few things.

We are a small little red dot on the world map (GOOGLE IT)!  Everyone had doubts if we won YOG and now people doubt we wont win any medals…..strange

dont doubt us!

First Soccer Match of YOG

14 08 2010

Zimbawe vs Singapore.

The Zimbawe coach said that his team will beat Singapore, 5-0

At half time, Singapore 3-0 Zimbawe

End of same

Singapore won, 5-nil

I know I might be bias cause its the read lions we are talking about but HAHA!


This proves that one cant predict the end of the game. Because you never really know what is going to happen1

You dont and then you cant go on local news and say you are going to win




11 08 2010

Reading Log

Date: 12 July

Title of article: Slow Notion

Date of article: 12 July

Source of article: News week



Being speedy might not be as cut out as it should be.
The article claims that speed reading, in a world where speed is considered excellent, might not be as excellent. In fact anything done with speed is being criticized and may be more damaging. The author is hence trying to persuade his reader’s that speed is not everything.



 “This time we’ll take it slow” are the lyrics to Ordinary People from the sound track of ‘Fame’ and sung by Asher Book and I feel that they can apply to the current context.

In an equally relevant article I read, it is said that students confuse speed with intelligence. The speed at which you raise your hand to answer a question is proportionate to the intelligence you have, or so the article claimed students believed. Relating to local context, yes, speed would be proportionate to your intelligence level or level of capabilities. Personally, most weekends I would like to rush through studying and completing my homework to ‘save time’. After reading both articles, I now consider doing work a bit slower may be better and may provide results.

‘Take it slow’ is not a common phrase used locally. So, what can slowing down do for Singapore? This is the current question posed. Well, prephas, as the article suggest, a greater understanding of our surroundings and the information we are offered.  Currently students (especially in Junior Collages, Polytechnics and Universities) are required to read large amounts of text, both in general knowledge and current events, as well as respective subjects. Speed reading seems like the only solution. However, is it really? Would the comprehension level of students increase or would the speed of their eyes running across a page increase? The article suggests this and I would agree as well. I, personally, do not understand completely what I would have just read especially if I do it with much speed. I propose, intead of educating our young ones to speed read, we should teach them to understand. At a young age, we should teach them to comprehend with speech and very importantly accuracy. For accuracy is far more important that speed.

In terms of the general public of Singapore, they should take a slow day. In fact, every 21st July which be declared a Slow day in Singapore, since it has been declared a slow day in the rest of the world. Singaporeans should know how to slow things down. We have a Mass Rapid Transit system, which in the same itself says that it is fast. Fast food outlets have been placed all over the country for ‘people on the go’.  This year, we even had a speedy national day celebration, with the festivities only lasting about an hour and a half in order to make more ‘air time’ of Singapore’s new talent show “One Moment of Glory”.  This is another good example. One moment of glory. Do the contestants only get ONE moment of glory. Must they rush their act to achieve this ‘glory’? Singapore is fascinated and obsessed with speed. Soon land erosion will be due to the excessive speed we walk with.

Face the truth or change the future. Is a fast paced world required? Where the word ‘relax’ means minimum? When ‘taking it slow’ is considered stupid? However, I rather understand the above article completely than be the kid sitting next to me saying ‘The article is about slowing down and I don’t know anything else’.



Malay blogging competition

11 08 2010

If I had yet to announce it, yours truely entered a malay blogging competition. YUP! I HAD TO BLOG IN MALAY.

FYI. My malay sucks.

But, apparently, they awarded me with the consolation prize. May be it was because of my ideas. Cause, you see, I am a eurasion. The malay community is pretty tight and it was difficult for me to try and break into it. So I thought ‘hmmm, i think i will Blog my opinions” and I did!

So yeah

Consaltion prize….


Obama needs to rethink he’s strategies

9 08 2010
Over the period of time after being announced the President, Obama has made may efforts to build strong diplomatic relations with the respective countries in Asia, but with the Oil Spill in the Gulf and health issues back on the home land, Obama’s promises seem to be falling through, canceling with many leaders and upsetting many people. Although he’s intentions are true, he will not be a ‘Pacific President’ unless he learns the act of juggling.


The article quotes Senior Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, who said “ If you [the U.S] do not hold your ground in the Pacific, you cannot be a world leader” and I find this statement very true. Although there are issues that need to be handled on the mainland, Obama needs to know how to juggle forgein relations with Asia in order to be considered a world leader and continue growth for America.

Over the years, presidents before Obama have set up numerous trades with respective Asian countries in order to secure a form of economic growth for America. However, many Asians did not hold them in high favour. Believing that Obama will bring change not only to the United States but also to the world, many were on his side. Although the gulf may have been one unpredicted event that Obama now has to deal with but he should still attempt to find as much time as possible to create and reconnect ties with countries in Asia. Which he should. Asia might actually have a situation to the gulf problem and would be willing to help the U.S. out.

The Obama administration needs to try and get their priorities straighten out and reconnect the world and be a world leader.