The ‘system’: can it beat you or can you beat it?

25 06 2010

Dear World,

I know I haven’t posted in a loongg time but I do apologise. Being a kid studying in the Singapore system is a difficult life for me. I do blog when I can and when I feel like I can share something important.

And in this case, I do.

I recently read a blog from a friend of mine, Derrick. He talked about beating the system and in his case, he has. He is one of the few most amsing people I know. You should check out his blog when you have the time ( please be loyal to me though).

To add to beating the system, me and a group of school mates packed our bags and headed off to the campus of the National University of Singapore (NUS) for a 5 day 4 night pre-university seminar. There, many issuses that had a lot to do with the locals were discussed and as I think back, one of the few topics discussed was not our education system.

Now, see, I am nothing like Derrick. I am not going to drop out of school and blog all day long. No. I’ll get bored. Plus that’s Derrick’s thing. I rather have my own thing.

You see, Derrick taught me that sometimes you do need to break the system while my friends from respective insitutions at the Pre-University Seminar taugh me that breaking the system might not be the brightest move, although there are ways to move around it.

What Derrick did was brave.  He knew the system was not for him and I will admit, I am not too happy about the system either. But both provided us respectively, different sets of opportunities, which I believe I can say confidently, we both took advantage off.

opportunities. That was what our Prime Minister ( our guest of honour at opening ceremony) addressed in his ‘ KEY ADDRESS’. He said that school provide opportunities for students to learn and grow, holistically. Yes, the system has been altered, but not broken.

Like I said, the system here can’t be broken, beaten prehaps, as my friend has so wonderfully displayed, but broken? I highly doubt it. In fact, Mr Prime Minister believes that although politics is not the most popular topic on a teenager’s to-do list, many that attended the seminar will help better Singapore through her politics ( in no disrespect sir, but yeah RIGHT!).

Even if a lot of us go into politics, the system remains. There might be changes and alterations but it’s there, still. So for those who can’t beat the system or aren’t brave enough to try. Then here is my suggestion.

GO with it. Make it your own. Either that or go on complaining about it your whole life.

To the best of my abilities, I have made the system work for me. I am studying theatre and bio ( the two subjects I LOVE the most), I have done for a competition this year as well as the seminar which has taught me a lot. The only thing I can’t control would be the system. So this is what I do. The system is like a giant wave that every generation has to face. I grab the surf-board and ride that wave out. Some people say the wave is too big and crash, go back on land and frown around. Others keep trying to get on that wave and ‘master the system’ but how when it keeps changing? Some are beyond the system and are sitting out far into sea simply watching wave and wave go on by. Then there are those who are just making the system work for them and ride it out til they can’t ride it out any more, oh! And they have fun doing it.

I could not find an image to represent beating the system. Besides that only happens 1 in 4 million (equvalent to 1 in the wole of Singapore).

So take that chance, ride that wave out. If not ask Derrick for some advice. According to his last post, he’s advicing people on HOW TO BEAT THE SYSTEM 101.


Take care world,





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