JC students branded ‘dogs’. (HUH!!!???!!!)

12 06 2010



My collage? Of all places my collage? My mentality that these cases will never happen to people I know has flown out the window.

Before anything else, I would just like to acknowledge Vas’s actions of reporting it to the police and that he did a good thing.

I believe strongly in equality. Now in a mixed school i try and take on equal responsibility as the guys. I am friends with as many people as i can be and although I am not close to the guys stated or discriminated against, I do know them.  So far they have had good intentions and Vas is pretty popular in school. I don’t know about his past and I don’t want to know but I do know that his present is been good so far.

This has thought us one thing. the internet is a scary scary place. The fact the school staff were unaware of the situation makes the internet a place where random thoughts and ideas and just spread over the net and take over. ( To be perfectly honest, I am still unsure how people foound out about it. I mean who randomly searches TPJC on the internet? Who has that kind of time?)

Actually, my views are superficial now. Ill get back to you about this.




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