Facebook’s evil

20 04 2010

Before anything else, I would like to thank my faithful readers for helping me hit 10000 views over the past 2 years.

Now to my concerning issue.

Facebook. To you and the masses

  • fun
  • interactive
  • good for social networking.

My Opinion? Really? Ok! Individuality killer.

I will agree with the arguement that Social networking sites like Facebook have helped in self-expression and freedom but after a while…I watched my Individuality die. Suddenly, I was tagging everyone. I liked everything. I played the same games as people and my creative juices were not flowing.  I felt I had to practise self censorship to prevent and cyberbullies from attacking me or to prevent the world from seeing my in a different light as compared as what I actually am.

So, I commited cyber suicide.

There are more reasons behind this suicide but this is the only reason relevant to this post.

We, as human, have this complusive need to be the best and show that we are the best/coolest/awesomest and what other adjective you want to use. After a while, I was just building a perfect profile. I had a sexy yet subtle display picture, I had my horoscope on, and I put my IQ on it and other quiz results. Did not have strange pictures or never did strange quizes ( no matter how badly I wanted to). All of a sudden, I was going against everything I believed in. Being myself and showing the world who I was without having to censor anything out. I have to right to share what ever I want but with who I want.

I found that Facebook only allowed me to keep in touch and look at pictures. No point. Useless. Just another thing I put a username and a password on and get it done and over with.

Facebook denied me the security to be myself. In fact I was turning into an alternate self.

Not what I wanted.

I hope all of you don’t get sucked into the vortex called Facebook.

Because just like a blackhole, facebook and such up large communities, organisations and soon there will be nothing left.