Singapore Idol: the global market

27 12 2009

Firstly I would like to wish one and all a very merry Christmas and seasons greetings if you are celebrating other holidays apart from Christmas. Now that is done.

Secondly, if you have noticed my tittle it says Singapore Idol. The original of the IDOL was done in the states. Now in the states, if you make it big, YOU MAKE IT REALLY BIG! But lets look at my homeland Singapore. We are a small island in South East Asia (SEA) and we, much like the rest of the world, copied the IDOL idea. Tonight is the finals and after the first 2 seasons of Singapore Idol I gave up with the current third season. But tonight is the finals as I have said and we actually have our first female finalist. Thank god!

Through out this season, I have read reviews, heard comments and even listened to some of the contestants. I swear we don’t have much talent. Why? BECAUSE I ALWAYS WATCH THE AUDITIONS! THEY ARE REALLY FUNNY!!!

Anyways, Ken Lim, our very own ‘Simon’ said that this Singapore Idol has to appeal to a global market. I am sorry Ken. Upon watching the performances there is only one person in the final two that can appeal to a global market. She might just be extremely unlucky and not win the tittle of Singapore Idol. But we should still sign her on.

You have to understand ( and this goes to the whole world), any IDOL competition is dumb. It is a popularity contest and nothing more. She will not win because all the girls will vote for him. That is why my vote goes to her. I want to see what she can do. I believe ( and know) that she can go global with loads of work but it is possible.

In fact, you don’t need to join Idol to go global. Youtube offers that as well as networking and using your contacts.

Many have asked me to join Idol. I have declined. I’ll join for the fun and see if I get through but I honestly don’t believe I need Idol to get anywhere I want. Because if I want to go somewhere than well, I’ll work my butt of to get there.

But Now I am off topic …again.

I hope she wins. Because if she doesn’t, I hope the cancel Idol completely.




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