31 12 2009

The stuff you will see in 2010

a least 2 months of regular updating ( cause I might not have anything else to do)

More views on current events

School nonsense ( if it inspires anything)

for views and ideas shared

help me make 2010 a sucessful year for my blog and you 🙂


Singapore Idol winner?

29 12 2009


Another male malay IDOL! ( I am not being racist. I just think it is getting a little old. It is our 3rd season and this is our 3rd male malay idol! We need a change).

SIgh. I voted for the girl, like I said I would kinda knowing it might be a wasted vote. But i was hoping not. But I should have been smarter.

It was a wasted vote. I will never watch Idol again. Sigh….as I would go to all my friends


The future ahead.

27 12 2009

Hey all,

It has been a pretty fast (and tiring) year for me and next week, the whole of Singapore will be tuned in to CELEBRATE 2010. However, before we go into the future, lets look back on the past.

I want to say many things here and I apologise deeply if this blog post is rather … personal, but some times it has to be.

I began this blog with Ideas and opinions and I wanted to be heard. I am glad that I am heard. May be not by many, but I still am heard. I hope all those who follow my blog and still do, don’t lose interest soon. After a while, and I will be honest, I got bored. I felt under appreciated and not worth the read. So my writing was put on pause and when I began writing again, it became more personal and many might begin to question the purpose of my blog.

I am here as a 16-year-old girl to offer my opinions and experiences to those who wish to read about them.

Oh trust me. I will try to talk more about the current issues we face around the world and bring local news and global views to everyone. As I begin a Junior Collage or a Polytechnic next year, I will share my school life, including my ideas of topics and views on events that have yet to come on my blog.

But that is about my blog content.

Today my cousin, who is currently serving in the army, asked me what I wanted to do next year. I told him I love drama and intend to take up theater studies in several Junior Collages and a few production/theater /drama /psychology/ biology courses. All depends on my results.

I am sure no matter what it is, I will happily share with you.

Another thing I would like to share with everyone.

I was kinda hoping of having 10000 views by the end of this year and I am short of 700 views. It was in honour of 2010. But we have a week to collect 700 views… is 100 views a day possible? I guess I am going to have to try!

With regards


Singapore Idol: the global market

27 12 2009

Firstly I would like to wish one and all a very merry Christmas and seasons greetings if you are celebrating other holidays apart from Christmas. Now that is done.

Secondly, if you have noticed my tittle it says Singapore Idol. The original of the IDOL was done in the states. Now in the states, if you make it big, YOU MAKE IT REALLY BIG! But lets look at my homeland Singapore. We are a small island in South East Asia (SEA) and we, much like the rest of the world, copied the IDOL idea. Tonight is the finals and after the first 2 seasons of Singapore Idol I gave up with the current third season. But tonight is the finals as I have said and we actually have our first female finalist. Thank god!

Through out this season, I have read reviews, heard comments and even listened to some of the contestants. I swear we don’t have much talent. Why? BECAUSE I ALWAYS WATCH THE AUDITIONS! THEY ARE REALLY FUNNY!!!

Anyways, Ken Lim, our very own ‘Simon’ said that this Singapore Idol has to appeal to a global market. I am sorry Ken. Upon watching the performances there is only one person in the final two that can appeal to a global market. She might just be extremely unlucky and not win the tittle of Singapore Idol. But we should still sign her on.

You have to understand ( and this goes to the whole world), any IDOL competition is dumb. It is a popularity contest and nothing more. She will not win because all the girls will vote for him. That is why my vote goes to her. I want to see what she can do. I believe ( and know) that she can go global with loads of work but it is possible.

In fact, you don’t need to join Idol to go global. Youtube offers that as well as networking and using your contacts.

Many have asked me to join Idol. I have declined. I’ll join for the fun and see if I get through but I honestly don’t believe I need Idol to get anywhere I want. Because if I want to go somewhere than well, I’ll work my butt of to get there.

But Now I am off topic …again.

I hope she wins. Because if she doesn’t, I hope the cancel Idol completely.

New Moon review

16 12 2009

I am going to be as sincerely honest as I possibly can beacuse if you have ben reading previous entries….I hate the twilight saga.

however I want to be an honest and fair critic.

I never read the book. I never want to read the book. So many people have told me to read the book way before the movie came out and I only watch the Twilight saga movies when there are birthdays. For twilight it was a friends birthday and i promised we could do anything she wanted, my treat and today I watched new moon because its my sisters birthday.

If you read my review on twilight….which I think I did…dont bother reading this one because I felt the same about both movies.

But here is my new moon review anyways.

New moon surprised me…as did twilight. But this surprise can not be categorised as a good or bad surprise because I am really not 100% sure. I knew the twilight saga was extremely love story-ish and tried to set my mind towards that but I just could not. And that is how the movie started. Extremely love story-ish. As the movie progressed and the story played out I really began to hate the movie. No offence to anyone and I think I will need to red the book for loads of clarrification. Charectors were not fully developed and a lot of charectors could have been developed further. This was the same problem for the first movie as well. I was not fully convinced about many main and supporting roles.

The role which I was most impressed with was Bella and how Kristen Stewart captured her. I believe that her relationship between Jacob and Edward could have been played stronger but I do not fully play the girl. I do hate that Belle shares my date of birth….excluding the year.  But I do not blame her. I believe her performance could be better… her energy although strong could have been stronger…although I have no complains about the running through the village and the vampire council scenes because they were well done by everyone involved in them.  Energy was high. Relationships well played.

Jacob, not only is unbelievably hot, but pretty good. I feels sorry for him though and that Taylor Lautner could not fully develop him well. His relationship with Bella was fully unclear and the way he played Jacob feels unreal. It is understandable that this is the fairy tale for youths but if a guy likes a girl…it should be felt through the movie and his actions. It does not matter if he is a werewolf.

Sigh. Edward sucked too. Or may be he had a lot on his mind.

thats all i have right now

Shakira’s speech

13 12 2009

If you haven’t watch the video please do. IM NOT TELLING YOU TO. I am advising you to. Because what I have to say is only a continuation.

I have learnt in Geography class that there is a poverty cycle and the only way out of the poverty cycle is education.(my geography teacher should be happy because I remember this way after the examinations). The poverty cycle is simple and basic. Farmer A has 6 kids and is too poor to send them all to school. This is because of a few reasons. He needs to feed the family. He needs the workers for his farm and since outside labor is expensive he uses his kids. His kids do not receive an education and too marry or become poor farmers and the cycle repeats itself. This happens for generations and the farmers have a large family to help with the farms.

The cycle continues through out generations. Now if one of farmer A’s kids went to school the poverty cycle for them would be broken. Why’? Cause we go to school then enter a collage and then get a degree and work but even if they dont get a degree and dont go to collage, they learn to read and write in school which can help them find jobs apart from farming. They get better pay and live better live.

I’m glad I have an education. I am glad I took that dramatic examination they call the O levels.

Sigh I am glad to be in Singapore

no inspiration

13 12 2009

I dont know

ive been feeling lazy

i dont really know what to blog about

people send me ideas please!!!