O levels so far

26 10 2009


It’s me cow girl, Cheyenne here and boy got I a story for you. Well first off, today’s english o level paper was not that hard. Infact it was as easy as rounding up those darn pony dogs. Second Im as scared as a hound dog in sand foxes territory for tomorrow elementary math paper. Now you may go on and tell me, you’ll be fine but ay! You aint taking that darn rusty old paper tomorrow. That paper which decided your future. See here your great great great…( many greats later) grand papy never had to do no stinking o levels. He just went off and rode on those mustangs you hear. Oh well…

I wrote yall a little story based on the word blue. I wrote it days before I saddled up and drove todays menace out of my sight. I would like yall to read it. My only warning. It may be quite sad….



To many, blue is just a colour -much like red, green, yellow and more. To me, blue is the strange mixture of calmness, sensitivity, strength, boldness and coldness. It is an addicting feeling to be surrounded by so many emotions at once. Unlike drugs, there is no rehabilitation centre. So once you are hooked, you are hooked for life.

My story is simple. I drowned myself in blue. My original school colours were black, white and blue. My uniform was blue. When I finally had gotten my own room, I insisted half of it was to be painted blue. I had one dream. To be completely surrounded by blue.

No one believed anything was wrong. I was not considered obsessed or troubled. I was considered the biggest fan of blue. This followed me right up to my University years. It was there where my need to be surrounded by blue increased and I enrolled to major in the course which would allow me to fulfil my need.

Approximately 4000 kilometres away from Sunny Singapore, Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia offered me a scholarship in Oceanology. It made sense, did it not? I had a need to be surrounded by blue and what a better way to do so than to study the biggest blue substance covering the earth’s surface. The Ocean.

My first year in this course bored me. Only in my second year did I become more interested. Most of my second year was spent out in the open sea. I would dance and swim and submerge myself in the cooling abyss. I would dive down deep to collect specimens from the ocean floor and I would be close to losing my breath before reaching the surface. The adrenaline rush was another addiction that I could not stop.

My Professor and classmates constantly warned me of the dangers. My professor was going to ban me from entering the water too. “Why do you enjoy hurting yourself so much?” he would always ask.

He finally did ban me but insisted I still come to the coast to study the specimens the others had found. However, the smell of the sea was a good enough push for me to disobey my professor and swim away when his back was turned.

I was a good distance away before the group realised I was gone. They all kept shouting for me to return but that just made me swim further away. Their shouts for my return quickly turned into shouts of panic and of warning. A classmate, Dave, shot out after me. He and the others saw something I was too distracted to see. I was swimming into the mercy of a large storm. Thunder ripped and the waves were harsh. The cooling waters took a sharp drop in temperature. Many would have swam away to save their lives. I embraced the blue surrounding me.

The lightning made me smile and I echoed the thunder’s loud scream. The waves tossed me about as if to ask me to join in on their dance. I dived down to watch the calmness of the ocean below its violent dance with the wind and rain, thunder and lightning. Then a strong hand pulled me out from my paradise.

“What do you think you are doing?” Dave shouted above the thunder as he gripped my shoulders.

“I am enjoying myself!”

Dave looked at me like I was mad. His blue eyes scanned my face looking for some sort of ‘sane’ thought. I had never realised how beautifully blue his eyes were. They were these bright pools of blue filled with warmth mixed with fear and terror. It was mesmerising.

“ I am taking you back now!” He yelled with the thunder.

I quickly pushed away. “ I am never going back!”

“You have too, now come on!”

“Dave! Listen to me. I like blue roses. Only blue roses” I said seriously. He stared at me, trying to comprehend my sentence.

“Blue roses…I don’t understand…”

I leaned in and pecked his soft cold, blue lips. “You will.” Before he could say another word, I dived. I dived deeper than I ever had. I looked up and saw Dave reaching out to me, his blue eyes screaming for me to return with him. I reached out to him and we almost got hold of each other but my body gave in and the water flowed into my lungs and I drifted further away from his reach. He was running out of air and went up to catch his breath as my body sank deeper into the abyss below. He dived down again. He could no longer find me and swam back to the shore, tired and with a heavy heart. Our professor picked him up in the school’s speed boat and a rescue team was immediately sent out.

Meanwhile, I smiled as I saw him swim away. My skin began to change in colour and my lungs constantly filled with water. I smiled because I was finally becoming part of my most beloved colour. Blue.

I did not understand her. Out at sea, I did not know what she meant. It took me days to understand. Then, the day of her funeral cum memorial came. Her family had travelled down and now stood along the coast where she had drowned at. Her entire class showed up as well. I walked towards her family, giving my condolences carrying a blue rose with me. Her father tried to smile when he saw the blue rose and mumbled that his daughter had loved blue roses before breaking out into a fresh batch of tears. He calmed down as much as he could and thanked me for trying to save her. Tears whelmed up in his eyes as he looked at me and then walked away to be by himself.

A large boat took her family and close friends as well as a priest to the area where I watched her drown. There, the priest began. There were many tears and many loud sobs. Everyone was so emotional, it made me feel guilty that I could not save her that day. Father asked if I wanted to say some words, considering I was the last to talk to her.

“I did not really know her. I apologise for not trying harder to save her that day. I am really sorry for your lost…. She did put up a fight to return to shore and if it makes you feel any better, she looked rather happy as she was going down. Before she did though, she told me she loved blue roses and so, I brought her one today.”

I walked over to the side of the boat. “This is for you.” I said as I dropped it into the ocean and watch it sink below the surface. It did so gently, it almost looked like she was going down again. I know she is happy, or at least I hope she is.


So close yet so far…

11 10 2009



Dear world,

If you are wondering why I have a picture of my notice board up on this post, it a pretty good question. You see its about 3 weeks to my O levels and now everyone is wondering why I am not studying….


It’s 4 pm on a Sunday afternoon. This is the time my brain goes dead so I thought I communicate with my peeps reading my blog. Posts have been slow and seriously if my O levels weren’t taking up all my time I would be posting almost everyday about almost anything. But since I don’t have that kind of time I thought I do my best to up date everyone and let you know that your patience will pay off. This time next month I will be free to blog once again. {YES!} There are several issues I would like to discuss but things change in the news so we will see what happens yeah.

I thought I up date everyone on me. As I have said earlier, my O levels are in 3 weeks and this board is full of the papers and courses and the schools I am looking at. The two hearts are words of encouragement from classmates and I have timetables and consultation dates and important exam papers, etc. HMMM….my photography looks pretty good… It looks nothing like me real board.

Off topic.

I have a future. Everyone does. That is why I am going to talk about futures. You might thing OH I’m YOUNG! I know NOTHING about the FUTURE. Yes You might think I have a naive thinking but I am learning to be a bit more open minded to the world around me. I see people with futures they wanted, futures they did not expect and futures that were never planned out. I have a future in mind. Great school. AMAZING GRADES. A happy me.

I always come to the conclusion that you have to be happy to have a great life. So if you have a future where you planned to me happy you are my hero.

I think I am going to rest for a while then go back to do work.







God Bless,