Should Ms Singapore World 2009 represent Singapore?

25 09 2009

Singapore crowned Miss Ris Low Ms Singapore World 2009. She can’t speak proper English. She is pretty yeah but she just was convicted of credit card fraud.

I personally hate these shows. Pretty girls wishing for WORLD PEACE.

To future pageant  contestants, DON”T SAY YOU WANT WORLD PEACE.  Make it interesting! Say you want world destruction. THEN I MIGHT JUST WATCH!


Sorry about Ris Low. I don’t like her. If I knew her personally, I still wouldn’t like her. Give her a chance people say, let her represent Singapore. NO WAY! NOT OVER MY GRADUATION DAY ARE WE LETTING HER REPRESENT US. People say, but we are giving ex-convicts a second chance. Oh I don’t mind she being an ex-convict. I am not happy that I have to strain my ears to understand what she is trying to say. I don’t mind if we get a male ex-convict in a dress representing us, as along as he speaks proper English.

I am sorry but Singapore is a modern trading hub. A first class county. I swear I am Singaporean and when I hear that girl talk, I wonder if Singapore decided to change the education standards and we decreased our development so bad we all did not go to school.

Sorry dear, but I don’t like you. I first heard you on the radio and I said, did we really pick this girl? Or did April fools come late again.

If you haven’t heard her speak GO TO YOUTUBE. I am appalled at her speech. I can’t believe it.

I just can’t…




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