Graduation: really the end?

25 09 2009

Dear World,

Tomorrow, the graduating classes of 2009 of my school are having our Graduation Ceremony. I do recall posting my review on HSM 3, stating that it was a scary movie, the scariest I have ever watched and I still say that til today. People asked me why. If you have seen the movie and if you were to step in my shoes ( which a lot of people can do because I have big feet),you will know what I am talking about.  I haven’t been posting for studies have taken up my time, or well most of it. 27 days to my O levels if anyone is wondering. Today, me and my friends celebrated our improved Prelim results so today is my day off. Since tomorrow is my big event, no studying will take place. Hey! Sunday I’m mugging. Don’t worry so much.

Not my point. The thing is, I have been going on about the big O that I forgot about graduation.

Today I had Youth mission with my class and other classes and we had to write on these paper hearts to people we have hurt or who we would like to apologise to and if I was given more than one heart, I would have written to many of my classmates. If you must know, I wrote to my former soccer buddy. She would always bring her soccer ball to school when we were in Primary school together and we and some other friends would play on the field. Strange coming from an all girls school but true story. In fact, it was the only thing I could remember from primary school and wrote to her saying that it was the best time ever. We had fun, got into some trouble but hey we were kids.

I received 2 hearts one apologising to me about something that happened in Primary school and grateful that we could move on ( I can’t remember what happened by the way) and the other from my drama president and I went to talk to her and when I was talking to her and how she was feeling, it made me want to write another heart to her. I think  I will, later tonight. There are things I would love to apologise for her for.

It is so strange when strangers tell you the truth, that you have lost friends and gained new ones but still we should keep the old. They are still friends.

Graduation tomorrow will be the saddest event for me. It doesn’t matter that I will still see these people for another 2 weeks, I know I am going to cry. A classmate said the sweetest thing when she was asked what she would miss the most and she shouted out our class. I might not have many good relations with some of my classmates but if they are reading this right now, I will miss the fun times, or the strange times or those annoying, distracting times. Wacky personalities break up serious moods and keep people moving on. I thank them, even if they didn’t like me, I still thank them. They influenced the way my two years went.

This might not be very original but I am not writing an original story I am writing a true one. I have also mentioned that I hate writing about my personal life but hey, there is always a lesson in everything. This is not exactly a lesson this is a tribute.

I want to grow up, in fact I watched my first NC 16 movie today but I don’t want to leave my school. I have been there 10 years. The values taught have been instilled into me. I can name all 4 of them by heart.

I just don’t believe I am graduating. I never thought this day would come.

With regards,





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