More tips for school

28 08 2009

Hey. It is getting closer to my dear O levels ( 55 days to be exact if I am not wrong)( give or take a day). And I just wish I had more time for full revision. Everyone is rushing for time and growing more tired and sleeping late nights. So to prevent all that here are some useless…I mean useful tips. Although these tips are more for Singapore students, other may take note of stuff if you like.

  1. WHEN YOUR SENIORS TELL YOU BEGIN REVISION EARLY THEY MEAN EARLY Daylight Savings Do not wait til 3 months before an exam to begin studying.
  2. Ask your seniors for help, some of them might not help but others will be willing. By teaching you, you gain understanding while they gain revision. Win win situation.
  3. If your maths exam ( be it Emath Amath Or POA or normal ordinary math) has a formula sheet, print a copy for yourself early. Familiarise yourself with it. You are allowed to use it. For formulas which are not provided you have to remember. Use coloured makers to make big flash cards with your formulas on them. Colours and the large font help with the memory work.
  4. Your aim should be not to complete the paper ( all my teachers might come after me after this but trust me). Don’t finish it in a rush. Do what you know you can. Make sure what you did was done to the fullest. Not sure? Skip. Return to it later. Believe you made a mistake but you can’t stop it, do another question and return to it when you have the time.
  5. After finishing syllabus, teachers become facilitators. Attend consultation sessions or meet your teachers privately. You might learn stuff you never thought you needed to know.
  6. Do your best to keep notes.Studying your notes are the most precious things to you.
  7. Don’t be complaisant.
  8. Get enough sleep Dont be like this: Sleeping In Class or in other words like me..

Hope this helps out everyone. This is not my full list ok. Still more to come.


the power of hypnosis

27 08 2009

sigh. today Dr Gill came to our school with the intention to hypnotise us to do better in our exams. ( Our principle’s idea)

Instead we were all truely interested in his demonstration on making a ghost a ball of energy. And I helped out.

I created that ball of energy it was there it was radiating heat and you could feel the difference between the space over my palm and and the surrounding air. To further prove it, someone ran her hand over mine and she felt it. It was freaky. Dr. Gill said it was all me. It was my mind.

I’ve been trying to replicated it but it wasn’t as strong as this morning.

The power of the mind….

My guide: Surviving Singapore’s Schools

25 08 2009

I was kind of inspired by Ned’s declassified school survival guide. But that is mainly for american kids. It  can be applied to Singapore students but we have a different way of doing things. So I thought I help the future and current graduating school students out and make this guide. I am reviewing the structure of my blog and thinking of doing a survival guide on life in general. I am still thinking about it but my O levels are in the way so I have to rethink a lot of things.

So we just had our English oral examinations. EVERYONE LISTEN TO THESE TIPS.

  • Tip #1: Chill. Even if it involves throwing ice down your blouse. I am not just talking about to keep cool because of the warm weather. Keep your nerves down.
  • Tip #2: Orals are easy. So don’t worry and don’t study. When you are nearing your orals, you come up with strange creative ways to ‘ study’ oral. There is a structure and things you should take note off but nothing you can’t see and think of with your brain. Be creative when you begin.
  • Tip #3: Examiners truely hate it when you completely treat this like an examination. Most have a nice smile on their faces and encourage you to do your best.
  • Tip #4: During conversation throw in a joke or two but don’t over do it. Make sure it is related the to topic and if your joke fails just smile.
  • Tip #5: Orals are like going to an interview. Make sure your hair is neat. Your shoes, cleans. Your blouse pressed, your teeth clean. Don’t eat garlic or onions. Have a tictac od drink something fruity before entering the examination all.
  • Tip #6: Have fun. If you have fun the examiner will too. It is an added bonus and you score higher.

All the best!


Religion vs homosextuality

23 08 2009

I love being catholic to be honest. But i found it strange that how it promotes peace and love condemn  a group of people.

i really love believing in peace and harmony and love and hope and that is just me but i dont get being in a religion that is contradictory to itself.