Harry Potter and the Half done review

21 07 2009

lol. I adore the title to this post. Harry Potter and the half blood prince is a good movie. I watched in on friday and i thought that today i take a quick break off my studying and give my ‘oh so important’ review.

( I am really tired from studying and I have tition tonight so give me a break yeah?)

Mr. Potter, Ms Ganger and RON! ( he is so CUTE!) come back for another year at horwarts. Their adventures include the evil dark lord vodermort ( which noone seems to pay attention to the fact that he is a half blood and all the pure bloods are death eaters….hmmm) this movie can be funny. this movie is adventurous and trilling and it is such a chick flict too with the new relationships. Some charectors which did not plan major part now have their 15 minutes of fame. Ron ( dramatic sigh) gets a new relationship… Giney has some interesting love issues .. Harry found new feelings so did Hermione and Dumbledore….well lets leave that to the movie shall we. All those who read the book ( I have the full collection…ps HP is better than twilight) dnt spoil the ending okay.


the school of the future

5 07 2009

Trust me when I say I am do not only like the school of the future because I want to become a student there. No. I actually believe that that is our future. If were a heading towards a future that is very high-tech and very advance then shouldn’t technology already be intergrating with learning? Shouldn’t all this be already in our classrooms? In my short 15.8 years,I have heard many telling the world ‘The children are our future’. So shouldn’t our future understand and begin to experience what the future is going to be like?

Sometimes I get the vibe from people that in the FUTURE, they are just going to wait for other people to invent stuff and discovery that cure for incurable AIDS. I really do get that vibe.

I just told my mother about this and she keeps going HMMHMM!


St. Pats Carnival: age does not matter

4 07 2009

Today, I followed to his ex school’s , St. Pat’s  carnival. The main event was the soccer match and 4 teams had signed up. The class of 79, the class of 95, the class of 97 and the current school team plus teachers signed up for the game. Guess who won.

The class of 79! ( Way ago team. I was cheering for them all along.)

It was a tough match and the class of 79 came in top. May be they were more experienced or skilled or everyone gave them a chance ( did not really look that way to me). It was several good played games. I think we should never judge anyone by age or looks or anything because they never know what they might have up their sleves.

Sigh. Lesson of the day huh?

MJ: How are his kids?

4 07 2009

Sigh. I feel really sad for his kids. I honestly do. I live in Singapore right and ET is going on about a secret girl friend, drug stuff, the will came out and so many speculations about MJ is coming out.Now if I live here, half way across the world from where MJ will be buried and all this rumours floating around and I know about some of them, wouldn’t MJ’s kids know about them too?

I would think it is sad. Their dad just died.  Show some respect. If an average Joe died, not many would care. MJ was not average but show some respect please?

The king of Pop has died. I think it is a little too late to speculate.