English Mid-year

21 06 2009

I believe in being proud of my work and I got 22/25 for my free writing essay for my english examination. So I thought I put it up. It is entitled Scars and the only gruesome sorry i hav ever handed in to my teacher. This is the edited version. It is not very much different and I hope you all like it.


Sierra stared at her reflection. The marks on her stomach, the scratches on her arms and her blue-black legs were all the physicaly scarrings she faced the night before. She turned and looked at her back in the mirror. Those marks which were bleeding the night before still stung. She pulled down her black body-hugging shirt, grabbed her school bag and walked out the door. She did not even say bye to her mother who did not notice her daughter leave.

Stepping out into the sun, Sierra glanced around at the empty streets. She felt a warm sense of relief but knew in her neighbourhood, she had to leep her guard up. Mr. Johnson glared at Sierra from across the street as he was getting his mail. He, like man, could not see past her violent acts, her illegal actions and her dysfunctional family. As a matter if fact, Mr. Johnson could not look beyond the colour of her skin.

All Sierra could think of was that Mr Johnson was a grumpy old man who did not care about her well-being. In this unproclaimed war, being strong and protecting your own was all you should live for. It was all she could live for. Yet, she hated herself. She had not been strong the night before. She did not protect her own the night before. She thanked the Lord Mr. Johnson did not know the full story of last night’s events. She knew he was very capable of shooting her.

As she walked onto school grounds, many conversations froze and all eyes were on her.  She could feel their stares, like blades piercing her, scarring her even more. W0rd had definately gotten out. This was no longer a small inocent 14 year old Latino girl. After what happened last night, Sierra was a full grown woman, the kind thatr stood up for what she wanted, the kind who fought her own battles and the kind that was considered a traitor.

How did she do it? How did a freshman at Wilson High School become this woman overnight? Sierra took her seat in the middle of her English class, the worse seat to be in at that moment. No one saw her scars. All they saw was a Latino girl who started last night’s shootings.

Last night, Sierra was scarred physically and emotionally. Last night scarred her more than the past 14 years ever did. Her beautiful face turned hard as her memories filled the emptiness she felt in the room.

Calvin Johnson who turned 16 last night was Mr. Johnson’s oldest son and Sierra’s secret lover. Calvin never wanted to be like his father and he befriended Sierra when she was 12. Back then her father was an alcoholic and an abuser. He would hit her mother and tried many times to sell Sierra on the streets to support his addiction. Fortunately, God had blessed Sierra with speed. Her father scarred her for life and when Calvin sat with her, talked and played with her, she finally understood that ‘love’ was not just a word, it was a feeling. The day Calvin told her he loved her was the day they officially became an item.

They have been together for almost a year. Then news of Calvin being selected  to enter an elite school three states away came and Sierra felt lost once again. Calvin said he wanted to give himself to her before he left and she felt the same way. So last night, he climbed through her window at midnight. Little did they know that Calvin’s gangster buddies and Sierra’s father began the action. He entered her room drunk with his favorite belt in hand and he found his daughter kissing a white boy. He started whipping both of them, yelling at her of being such a disgrace. He kicked both of them out of the house and started yelling at Calvin while Sierra was trying to hold her father back. Her mother just watched.

The two gang came out of nowhere and began fighting on the streets. All was a blur to Sierra now. She just remembered about 5 people being sent to hospital and how the police came and broke up the fight. Her father and a few others were taken into custody. Her mum refused to speak to her. Calvin was immediately sent away that morning.It was not likely she would see him again.

“Sierra. Could you come up here for a moment?” She looked up to find Ms Gwen standing at the teacher’s table. She handed Sierra a letter and told her to step outside and read it.

Once outside, Sierra ripped open the letter and noticed it was in Calvin’s handwriting. It read:

Dearest Sierra,
I am missing you terribly. School here is worse than you can imagine. So I ran away. I’ve found a place to stay and a decent job. I am not making excellent money but I am still stable. I want you to come stay with me. When I have enough money, I’ll send for you, my angel.
Yours Always,

Finally, for once in her life Sierra felt all the scars she had vanish. They were healed. The physical scars may take longer to heal but she was posivitely sure they would not be there forever.




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