The golden compass…is it really that golden.

2 05 2009

My sister is letting me muse her laptop cause my laptop charger is not working:(.

You know what. I hate the golden compass. No offence to anyone and I know that it was showed a few years ago and this is a late report but I really dislike the Golden Compass.

Everyone says the Golden Compass is against Christianity but that is not the reason why I dislike it so much. Looking at it with a drama/theater back ground ( even though it is not a stage show), I just can’t see thee big hit factor about this big hit wonder.

The begining and the end I will admit are my favorite parts of the show. I am intriguted by the demons and this magical world that Dust connects us to. I love the end when they have the big shown and help the kids escape and she flies of in this air machine to find her father. What I seriously can’t stand is everything in the middle! The transitioning is completely off. OK lets go step by step.

She goes stay with her so called mum. Then she realises her mum is the head of the goblers. Then she runs away and the people she used to live  take her to the middle of the ocean as a part of a bigger thing all together. They find her friend without his demon. The polar bear fights for his crown. Yeah then its the end.

Then they keep going on about this propercy. WHAT IS IT? WE THE AUDIENCE DO NOT KNOW!!!

Why is her mum the head pf the goblers?

Why is her mum going to kill her dad?

How come nicole kidmans demon is a monkey!

all these questions the movie has yet to answer.

What is more?  There hasnt been plans for a second movie….




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2 05 2009
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[…] The golden compass…is it really that golden. […]

2 05 2009
The golden compass…is it really that golden. | It´s Entertainment

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