Blood Diamonds

16 04 2009

Diamonds are any girl’s best friend. Buy her a diamond have alittle patience and she will do anything you ask of her. Well…almost anything.

For geography, me and my classmates made a song about the blood diamonds. It is a sad truth that people do die for those small tiny rocks. It is true that if I go straigh to the source, I will buy diamonds at 3 bucks.

Diamonds are very well marketed if you ask me. We have a large supply of diamonds ( yes we do! look it up) and yet being completely human, we love shiny stuff. So they take those small dirty rocks, polish them, cut them, put them on a ring and you buy it for a couple of hundreds of dollars. Man, don’t we wish we all are in that business?

It is amazing. The way diamonds are marketed such a way that people believe that it is tradition to give a girl a diamond ring when you wanna marry her. In the mists of getting married and bringing happiness, someone died. A small kid paid with his life while you paid cash. Think about it when you get a diamond ring.




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16 04 2009

Interesting, thank you! Love, Goddess

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