Why I’m being Nasty

14 03 2009

I am currently directing a play for my church. And it is now lent and the play will be held on Good Friday. Soif you guessed that it is a play about theb passion of Christ, DING DING DING, you are absolutely correct.

Now the thing is people are asking me why am I so hard on myself? Why am I so critical? I’ll tell you why. I am under the age of 20! I am directing a play that the youth are helping to do. Anything goes wrong during the play or if I get any complaints it is MY HEAD ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK. Not my actors, not my asistant directors. MINE.

Anyone wanna see me head less?

I need to show the priest of this church that I can be responsible, that the youth can be responsible.

If I don’t show that now, who will?




One response

14 03 2009

Good luck with your play. I wrote a play once.

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