Self help??? Seriously???

5 03 2009

You know, there are so many books and videos and who knows what else out there which  tell people how to do stuff. Like the Idiots guide or other self help books. I say self help books because they tell you how you can be a better person or how to boost yourself confidence.

I stubbled onto this channel on youtube Howcast. It is pretty god actually. It is organised and it tells you how to do technical stuff ( I would listen to all the technical stuff if I were you).  But then I saw this video and I subscribed. Not because I need it, just because it got really funny.

How to flirt?
How to escape a bad party conversation?
How to make a move while watching a movie?

Excuse me? We are the ones who have all the knowledge of the world. WHY ARE OTHER PEOPLE TEACHING US HOW TO PICK UP A DATE?

Question Mark


You know, we have all the knowledge in the world. We just lack the confidence to show it.

And yes, you can quote me.




One response

5 03 2009

You’re right. It takes courage to connect.

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