The longest on-going war, without the violence.

28 01 2009

Hey! I just learnt a really interesting fact. Does any one know that North Korea and South Korea are at war?

It’s true.

The history goes that after World War 2, USA was in South Korea and influenced them to be a democratic country while the USSR was in North Korea and influenced them to be a communist country. The UN tried to get both North and South Korea to become one country. However, USSR disagreed and had their own elections and after that the USA did the same in their respective areas. In 1949, both USA and USSR troops left Korea and the next year, North Korea invaded the south. USA fearing that the Communism was going to spread, went to back up South Korea. The UN joined them. Soon they were near the border between Korea and China and so China felt treathened and helped out North Korea.  Three years laters, they agreed to end the war. HOWEVER, they didn’t sign a peace agreement and at their border, there is a demilitarised zone.

So technically, they are still at war.




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