Hard work will pay off

17 01 2009

Do not confuse motion and progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.

-Alfred A. Montapert

There is no way in this world am I going to be a stinking rocking horse! Sure, I like riding on one…. I mean I did when I was way younger, now I ride real horses…

Not the point. The point is I’ve got a crazy year ahead. My whole future is all depending on my O level results and I am stressing out 9 months before the exam. Crazy? May be. Insane? Probably. Completely and Totally out of my mind? Possibly. I don’t know. I look at it as being hardworking. Some of my school mates look at me and think that I am either a nerd ( I AM NOT A NERD!) or completely, absolutely Kai Su ( Spelling? It’s a Chinese word…if I am not wrong. I don’t take Chinese so I don’t really know. I just know that it means unbelievably crazy that I need to be taken to a Mental institution immediately.)

There is a lot of pressure this year and by observing the release of the O level results of last year’s batch of girls, you see the tears of sadness in their eyes and you know, immediately, you want nothing to be like them. One look! That is all it takes. I am so motivated to do well because this exam, this international exam, decides my future. This time next year when I get my results, I am getting my future written on paper, staring up at me. I don’t want to be those punch of girls who cry because they didn’t make the mark, who cry because they have no future. I want to be one of them, those special/lucky/hard-working whatever you want to call them…I want to be one of them, who cry tears of joy. Who see they’re future. Who cry in sadness only because they have more choices and they can’t decide on their future. I want to be one of those who achieves my hard earned future.

I have this file with loads of booklets and hand outs about the different courses at some Polytechnics. Other pre-universitiy institutions have yet to have an open house.  My dream school: Victoria Junior College(VJC). I’m putting it out to the world so that everyone knows what I want and also so I know what I want.

To get into VJC I require four to six points and basically that is all As across the board. Including my drama activity.  All As… Do you have any idea how difficult that is? Ha! All As. I’m offically nuts. I’m a lunitic. And just so that is not bad… I am the only girl taking Malay at Basic syllabus. You see, when they display the results as a cohort, they will show the percentage of passes and distictions. Being the only student basically means that all 100 percent is mine. I have to pass. I must get a merit. And if you haven’t seen my Malay, well, then just wish me good luck.

I don’t know why I am ranting on about my year a head.  I should be studying. I’ve been doing…well, redoing notes most of the day. Finished all my home work and it is bona fide. I am going to work my hindquaters until all I am sitting on at the end of the year is bone!

Working hard is the key to me obtaining all those As. All my blood and sweat will pay off. It is January. I have this crazy mind set that next month is my exams. Oh trust me 9 months will fly. 9 months will fly by so fast, you just have to blink and you are sitting in the examination hall staring at the exam paper. It is so stressful.

But I am not a rocking horse. I  don’t sit in a little girl’s room just rocking back and forth. I am climbing a great mountain with many steep climbs and rocky roads.

Which you rather be? A rocking horse? Or a horse climbing that mountain?




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