Real teachers=Real Lessons

9 01 2009

I hate teachers. Don’t you hate teachers? I think they are so annoying an get completely on my nerves. They just tick me off! If you are a teacher and you feel offended, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN! Do you know what I hate about teachers the most! Most much they can inspire you and how much they know about you.

Disclaimer:If you didn’t catch all the drama above, I do like my teachers…or most of them anyways.

I have known my Drama teacher for all my school like in Secondary school and by now I should give Ms Kang some credit for everything.  I was taught under her in my first and second year in Secondary School. She was my drama teacher and was the Drama Club’s teacher in charge several times. She is very observant I must say. I intended to take Drama as an O level subject last year but due to some of my drama results and academic concerns, she advised me to drop. Reluctantly, I took it. I thought I was going to regret. I did for a while and then I saw some of my other subject grades go up and I was grateful.

Today, we were just given the results of the auditions for Singapore Youth Festival(SYF). Yours truly didn’t get a part and was placed backstage. I cried outside the Drama room. I was the only one with big red watery eyes. I told myself after I dropped that I would do SYF and show Ms Kang that I have improved. I didn’t get to do that. In stead, I put on a mask and practised our orientation piece for tomorrow morning. That mask broke when I went to talk to her. And I got the explanation to why I wasn’t chosen.

In a script, there are certain roles that can easily suit the actor. Especially if we are talking about main roles. When we talk about extras or the chorus, sometimes the director might want to go by height and make it look very tidy and standard. And I immediately noticed that after it was mentioned.

She also told me a lot about myself that she observed and I was just…I didn’t expect her to notice. I didn’t expect her to care. She told me so much about me since Sec 1 and onwards and I just sat there in awe. Everything she said was completely true like how she said I always concentrate on my weaknesses in stead of my strengths and how I allow myself to be compared to everyone esle. And I swear I started to cry all over again.

She posed me this question though. “What are your strengths?” Although she kind of named a few, she still asked me that and told me to see her on Wednesday to tell her. Great. Now I have to figure out what my strengths are. And you know what…I have no idea where to start. Well, I’m good at writing-scripts and blog post. That’s one….




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