My Introducion

6 01 2009
me on the brigde to where I wanna be

me on the brigde to where I wanna be

So this is pretty much the first week of school, to be more specific the second day of lessons. We had school on Friday but that was just all the admin stuff. So I am in my final year of secondary school.  So usually before lesson proper actually begins we have an introduction session and for most of our teachers we don’t need one because we know most of them but for some we did have one.  I am surprised at some of the answers I put down on stuff I like and didn’t like. It is amazing how you know your own self until you see it on paper. And since it is the new year, I thought I begin ( although this isn’t the first post of the year) by introducing myself.

Name: Cheyenne

Full Name: Cheyenne Alexandria Anastasia Phillips

D.O.B: 13 September (Remember to wish me…hehe)

Occupation: Student

What are you doing right now: Blogging, Chatting and listening to music

Star Sign: Virgo ( the perfectionist)

Chinese Sign : rooster

Current School: SACSS ( And proud of it!)

Role  Model: Right now I have two. Taylor Swift for awesome music and inspiring young girls and Oprah because….well, HEY! Who doesn’t love Oprah?


Movie: …Right now…would be…love actually! No matter how much I watch it, I still love it.

Song: At the moment…Fifteen By Taylor Swift.

Sport: Soccer and Basketball

Actor: Shia Lebouf

Actress: umm….if I really had to pick one it would be Jessica Alba.

Comedian: Two people that take this place. Ellen Degeneres and George Carlin (rest in peace sir!)

Type of Jewelry: EARINGS!

Subject in school: Biology ( and NO not THAT kind of biology!)

Tv Show: The Nanny

Book: The digital fortress by Dan Brown


Movie: Twilight ( I said it was good but I still hate it)

Song: Nothing at the moment

Sport: I really don’t  hate that many things.

Things I fear: Fear itself.

The best thing in life: Traveling the world with the one you love.

Anything else?

Yeah, I wanna die Skydiving.

So There is me and I am going to ask each and everyone to do one of these just for 2009. So that people know more about you. It is a new year. Let in the introductions begin.




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