Twilight Movie review.

4 01 2009

I am not admitting it. You can’t make me say it. I never wanted to see the movie in the first place. I only did it for my best friend.

Fine! It was a good movie. Better than expected. I expected it to be lame and a remake of harry potter. I was wrong. I admit defeat. Ha ha. Yes, very dramatic.

In fact I expected twilight to be action packed and major vampire action. It is a love story. My god! It’s a love story. A human falling in love with a Vampire. It’s a remake of Dracula. Yeah. It was still good if you are looking for romance.

Action…not so much.

There’s a bit of comedy but not much.




2 responses

17 01 2009

i wonder what will be more successful/popular in the long run, Twilight or Harry Potter

17 01 2009

I say Harry Potter but people say thats getting old

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