Palin: at it again?

28 01 2009

NO WAY. Doesn’t Sarah Palin know she was the biggest joke of the 2008 election?  Does she know that? This was such a dramatic election. I believe that McClain could have won IF Palin wasn’t his VP.

Palin is going to make 2012’s election another big drama.

Boy, I can’t wait for this.



The longest on-going war, without the violence.

28 01 2009

Hey! I just learnt a really interesting fact. Does any one know that North Korea and South Korea are at war?

It’s true.

The history goes that after World War 2, USA was in South Korea and influenced them to be a democratic country while the USSR was in North Korea and influenced them to be a communist country. The UN tried to get both North and South Korea to become one country. However, USSR disagreed and had their own elections and after that the USA did the same in their respective areas. In 1949, both USA and USSR troops left Korea and the next year, North Korea invaded the south. USA fearing that the Communism was going to spread, went to back up South Korea. The UN joined them. Soon they were near the border between Korea and China and so China felt treathened and helped out North Korea.  Three years laters, they agreed to end the war. HOWEVER, they didn’t sign a peace agreement and at their border, there is a demilitarised zone.

So technically, they are still at war.

What’s your personality like?

26 01 2009

Firstly take the below quiz. ( It’s free)

Just in case anyone’s interested this is me:

You are:

  • slightly expressed extravert
  • moderately expressed intuitive personality
  • moderately expressed feeling personality
  • slightly expressed judging personality

Pretty accurate but not all is there of course.

Personalities are the most complex areas of a person.  There are many many personalities out there and people think that they are linked. There are two sides to this. A yes and a no.

My friend is very interested in Astrology and Horoscpoes. She can tell me all about my friends and if I am compatible with certain guys. She sees links in personalities. She can compare  personalities of famous politicians and some of our friends and those describtions are very acturate. I don’t know how she does it.” It’s written in the stars” people say. Stars have been here billions of years and people think that all the answers are written in the skies. The skies. When there is a miracle, look up to the heavens. May be, just may be because we look up to the heavens the sky has all the answers, including the end of the world.HEY! The earth has been here for millions and millions of years and it will reamain here for billions and billions of years to come when we are all dead and burried. Man look up to the stars because looking down ain’t that helpful.  But people look at the stars and I’m telling you the stars are pretty accurate. I’m a virgo okay.

* Searches on Google: Virgo*

Too long to copy. Just read it yourself

On the other hand, I feel that although people share some simillar charectoristics but I feel that your background has a good role on your personality.

I don’t know

It’s interesting though.

Oprah’s Big Give

26 01 2009

She is just such an amazing. She loves giving back to the community.She is a great lady.

She is just a very giving person and the way she gives to so creative. The big give is a great game show however, the claim that nothing will be even to the winner isn’t so true.  If you want me to leave my family for a long period of time for a competition, you better have something in it for me.

She has great intentions. But do her contestants have them?

Last Tamil Tiger bastion ‘taken’

25 01 2009

Looks like this war for a land of their own has come to an end as the last of the Tamil Tigers were arrested. Sri Lanka’s violence is coming to an end. Tamil Tigers won’t have that land that they want. Many lives have been lost and lots more damaged. We can only wish Sri Lanka the best of luck to bring it’s economy back up.


Economic Crisis: Singapore’s Budget

25 01 2009

Alright. Singapore’s budget speech has been pushed forward from February to January due to the Global Economy falling into a giant hole. Now, the thing is the Singapore Government will be spending $20.5 billion to help us, Singaporeans out. $20.5 BILLION is a lot of money. And just to show you how majorly bad this economic crisis is, the government- for the first time in Singapore’s history – will be taking out $4.9 billion from past reserves. We have never in our 44 years of Independence taken out money from past reserves. That is how horrible this financial crisis is.
If you ask me, I understand why the goverment is spending $20.5 billion this year but what if by this time next year, the crisis doesn’t clear up? I do recall hearing somewhere that it will take up approximately 2 years to clear up this economic mess.
Well, good luck everyone! I hope we survive this.

Pakistan school girl’s diary

25 01 2009

There is this diary written by a Pakistan School Girl which I am currently following. She reminds me so much of Anne Frank and how much she is suffering in a war. I read her entries and I just recall everything I read about Anne Frank and I feel so fortunate. I feel so lucky. I’m lucky that I am not living in a country which is in a violent conflict. All you will ever find in my diary about conflict is either the non-violent conflict between me and several girls or the wars and conflicts around the world and that is it. When I read diary extracts of that girl, I just stare in awe. Nothing I go through can worse than what she is going through. Nothing all my friends put together can be worse than what she is going through.
I hope she and her family will be ok.