Australia Trip 08: Entry 15

23 12 2008

this one doesn’t really have a title because there so much to mention.

My uncle is coming back from Singapore today and my aunt is really happy. She told me they have spent 42 christmases together ever since they started dating. They have a very admirable relationship if you ask me.

Also, I’ve spent much time with my older cousin recently. He has been attempting to influence my taste of much. Many people tried and many people have failed but since he’s family, I’ll give him a try. Music is what brought me and my cousin together and I like that. I know a lot about everyone of my cousins back home in Singapore. The oldest of the lot is currently mountain climbing in Nepal while the youngest is the cutest, most responsible little girl you will ever meet. This cousin here in Canberra I know very little off except the fact that he is about 16 years older than me.

It is good to know about family. Family is important. Extended family is as important as immediate family.It is good to know the little things about people. That is how you know what to get them for christmas!

Merry Christmas in advance everyone and a Happy new year to you.




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