Australia Trip 08:Entry9- Tassie’s internet situation and Go Wild animal conservation park

15 12 2008

This is bad. This is very bad. Please note that this post was originally done offline (yes, my first offline post) for reasons which will be explained momentarily. Or kind of right now. Tasmania is currently having a problem with the internet island wide. Not too sure if this is occurring all over Australia. If it is, this is very bad!  With no decent internet access for a while (I am not sure how long this will take); my post will be written offline and posted ASAP. I wanted to adopt this method a long while ago. The reason for the internet being down is because of a workers strike. Yes, that’s right the people working at all those internet companies have gone on strike and have their demands. (No internet remember. I can’t really know what their demands are at this very moment). I have a feeling this will be settled considerably soon because EVERYBODY uses the internet and with no internet, people will get frustrated. Complains will be made and the workers will either get fired or their demands will be met. I don’t know the full current situation at the moment. I can only tell you how it affects me. 

Today was an interesting day in Tasmania. The weather was a little better. Few showers with some nice sun but it is still considerably cold at night. Went to Richmond’s town or neighbourhood. Not really sure what it is. It is like this tiny town in the country. It looks like a really sweet place. Many interesting historical sites and a miniature scale of Hobart in this museum where stuff is… miniature. It was fun and all. I love the fact that the place where we had dinner the past few days was all under water in the past. We then drove down to Go Wild animal conservation park. It is where they keep orphaned animals of Tasmania. The devils, kangaroos, koalas, emus and more reside in the park. All the money you pay to enter the park and the money from donations and the stuff you purchase all go to the orphans, which I personally believe is a good cause.

Before I end this post, I just want to record that no matter how much Tasmania restaurants may cost, go in and eat. The food there is… well, if you ask me there is almost no way to describe the food and I completely mean this in a good way. It is so good. So scrumcious. So delicious. So yummy. Looking at the prices at the menu, all I hope is that the food isn’t some rushed or mirco-waved thing. To eat food like that in Singapore is about 3 or 4 times more expensive than here. Food here, no matter where you go is unbelievably yummy.




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