Australia Trip 08:Entry 3-The Australians

8 12 2008

Hey one and all,

I am trying to update this as often as I possibly can which might be every morning for me. Right about now in Melborne it is late springand entering summer and it is so unbelievably cold outside. Burrrr…

So anyways, I did a lot of shopping with my friends yesterday and we had this kris krinkle. It’s like secret santa and all the names got mixed up. Some names were written twice and everything. Haha. it was hilarious.

While we were coming back from shopping and we were on the high way, I spotted this car wash and next to it was a doggie wash. Not to mention there were dogs everywhere when I was shopping. These people are in love with dogs. In fact, I have yet to see a cat. This is like sog mania. Dogs here, dogs there, dogs every where! They are so in love with them. They will teach you a thing or two about being a responsible pet owner.  But then again, with their layed back culture, I guess they have the time to do so.

Hmm.. this need more looking into.




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