Bedtime stories

31 12 2008

Adan Sandler has out done himself again. Bedtime stories remind each and everyone of us how power our imagination is. Watch with your family. It is the funniest movie of 2009. Did I say 09? I meant 08. LOL

Happy new year everyone. Please do and watch it. You have to. I AM BEGGING YOU. WATCH IT.


my end of year letter(2008)

31 12 2008

A couple of months we had to write a letter to the Archbishop on why we should get confirmed. My English teacher also encouraged us to write letters to ourselves so we can read back and learn and wonder and aim and dream and live.

This is my letter to you. It my ending of the year letter of 2008.


Dear readers and people of the world,

Hi. My name is Cheyenne Alexandria Anastasia Phillips.

I always write a letter to myself at the end of every year. I write a letter to myself writing some experiences and set expectations for the next year. I don’t know if I should be including them but I woudl like to so that maybe, just may be, everyone might get something out of it.

Firstly, I didn’t make Drama O levels class. Actually I did, my teacher advised me to stop the class because I wasn’t making the practical grade. She expected my theory to be better but since I never took the exam I wouldn’t know, now would I. However, the day she spoke to me about stopping the class was the same day I broke down in front of her. For the first time in my secondary school life, my teacher saw me cry.  That helped me a lot really. She knew I wanted it. I wanted it more than a lot of the other girls wanted it. And a week later, I gave it up. Dumb ass me right. No actually. I did get something out of it. I never did well in Drama because of my emotions. I couldn’t play sad or serious roles. I was a blank face. Black ink on White paper. That just opened me and several months later, I broke down in front of my Drama CCA girls. We were having a discussion with our instructor and I broke down. That helped me. The moment people saw me weak  and not judge, I could be weak willingly. I could play sad, serious roles which was good. I have to have a range. Time to develop it.

I had a Drama junior leave too. She left due to her dad getting transferred. She showed me that it is ok to embressed when you are acting. Because you need to when you are acting. If you can’t do silly things and want to be insecure about everything, you are going to fail on stage. And just a couple of weeks she before she left, she thought me that.  Thank you Aisha. Will come down and visit you.

Also, recently, I’ve left my head get into the clouds. You can say I’ve had bit of a holiday romance. Well, I am putting my love life on hold…again. Why am I telling you this? Very simple. I have a major national exam coming up this year and to have a love life right about now would just spoil my chances of having the future I want. Hey, I don’t know who I’m suppose to be at 15 right? LOL.  I don’t want to spoil my chances at anything just like how I watched some of my cousins do ( ok just one cousins). Put what is important first. That is what is important. Now, my studies are important. So must concentrate.

Well, economy doesn’t seem to be good. However, Singapore is said to be one of the 3 countries to be able to withstand it. So Yeah.

I don’t know. I’m reading about it.

Anyways, wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

Hope you have a good new year.

With many regards,

Cheyenne Phillips

At 15 you feel like there is nothing to figure out…

30 12 2008

I posted the song and lyrics to Taylor Swift’s song Fifteen. I like it not only because it was done by an inspirational artist but also of the lyrics. I am 15 and I guess that is another reason why I like it. It is being directed to me. It was made for girls of the age of 15.

I can tell you from experience, being 15 is… I don’t know how to explain it. You’ve been through it ( if you haven’t you definately will).

Her song is truth. It is complete truth. I don’t mind going through it, telling you all my favorite lines and lines that are very meaningful.

And when your 15, feeling like there’s nothing to figure out. Count to ten take it in this is life be for you know who your gonna be. That is an amazing and true line. There is nothing to figure out. That’s life. You have no idea who you are going to be in the future at 15. Who am I gonna be? I don’t know. I don’t even know how my life will change after 15.

cause when your 15 and someone tells you the love you you’re gonna believe them. when all you wanted was to be wanted wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now. At 15, I’m stupid. the moment you feel wanted you turn into the stupidest person. I hate getting to emotionally attached because the moment I get comfortable, I get hurt. But time can heal most i’ll let time come.

I love the last line of the last chorus. I didn’t know who I was suppose to be at 15. Being 15, it’s like…that’s it you know. There is nothing else to life for you but dating and getting good grades, making friends, losing friends, making enemies. The biggest thing about being a 15 year old young lady is the boy friend part and everyone is like “Oh we must have a boy friend”. Trust me I feel that way sometimes but Ms Swift put it very clearly. We don’t know who we will be. We don’t know who we are suppose to be at 15.

Yeah 15….Someone please give all the 15 year olds you know a wake up call.

Fifteen by Taylor Swift

29 12 2008

To all the 15 year olds out there

final post in Australia

29 12 2008

(NOTE: this post was done offline.)

I’m going home today and boy was this a great experience. If you have the time to come to Australia, you should. Go state hoping. Be a state hopper. It is really really fun.

There is a point to this final post and that would be the overal culture of th Australians. This is not another personal post like what I did at Paddy’s markets or at darling harbour. This is an actuall learning post.

The Australian culture I must say is very different from what I am used to and if you are Australian, this post is not meant to insult you but just to record my observations. Techincally the Australian culture isn’t very different. The only differences I’ve noticed is when there is a party. On Chirstmas evening ( Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by the way), my aunt and uncle took my family to a friend’s dinner party and I expected to be staying up til 2 in the morning and have everyone getting drunk and starting sing songs out of key and out of tune. I did not get this. What I saw was both strange and unusual. On Christmas I usually have a party at my place with all my family members and some friends and the party will go on through the night. My friends will leave early, lastest will be 11pm and all my friends would be gone. My family and family friends will still be there, audlts drinking beer after beer after beer, kids drinking coke after coke after coke. We would have to chase out people who stay behind. We do. That is my Christmas evening every year. It’s called an open house.

Here in Australia, I was at the party and it was a quiet party. I ate my part, drank a bit of coke and sat quietly being told stories of Singapore by old guys who were in the military and disscussing the different education systems with a high school teacher. I watched a little baby play and played with walle that a little boy owned. People wanted me to snig and play the guitar too ( which I didn’t). No one got seriously drunk. No one. I didn’t see anyone slumping around or getting all dizzy. No one. NO ONE. No one was letting loose. The culture here is relax but at parties….where is all the relax? No one is chilling out.

My Aunt was telling us that you go to a party and you bring the wine. As long as you don’t drink the wine and you let people have some, you can take back your wine. When my aunt and uncle had their home welcoming party the first tmie the moved here, my uncle’s mum saw people taking back drinks and she told my aunt ‘why is that man taking your wine?’

My dad told me that when he was back packing Australia, he stayed in a back packers inn and bought a six pack and put it in the main frigde. An Aussie asked him if he could have beer. My dad let him and every time my dad bought a six pack, he would take as and when he pleases. The thing is that you give an Austalian permission once, you gave them permission for as long as …. I don’t know. They just take from you. There is like no shame.

My Aunt was having a party and had left overs so someone asked if she could give him her left overs. She said ok. Then he explained he had to fed so and so and like… if you do that in Singapore, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but if you do that in Singapore that is consisdered rude. Here in Australia its ok and no one shows any shame. It’s considered shameful in Singapore but not here.

I can’t get the party culture of Australia, really. I just can’t

Going home

28 12 2008

Hey all.

In Sydney Airport. About an hour to my flight back home to Singapore. That will be about a 7 hour flight I reckon. Then home sweet home.  I have another post on my laptop waiting to pop up on the internet asap but now I am using those kiosk computer things. The momento I have the strenght to put on the computer and the internet in Singapore that post will go flying on to my blog sooner than you can say ‘supercalafragelisticsexpialadocious’  haha.
Oh well, this is just an update. I did the state hoping thing this time around which I recommend you to try if you have the time and money. Or not just enjoy Australia, if you visit it or if you live here and Happy Holidays Everyone.


It is Christmas time again

24 12 2008

Still in Canberra but I gave up with putting Australia trip 08 every time I posted a new entry. I lost count of all the entries I’ve done in Australia. So still in Canberra. A couple of hours pasted Christmas and it will be Christmas in Singapore in a couple of hours.

I love how Christmas brings many people together. That is the beauty of Christmas. Seeing loads of people into the festivities, that is Christmas Magic right there. I love that the suburbs in Australia always have a few houses with lights up. They have houses with big lights that you can see from afar. To run that is a lot of electricity but I am sure every one who sees these houses are very grateful and astounded.

I wonder what everyone back home is doing for Chirstmas.

Drop me a line. What are you doing for Christmas?