How the survivors are survivoring

8 11 2008

I was watching Survivor Gabon tonight and I found this episode….strange. Firstly, what’s with all off you throwing the Imunity Idol in the sea? To be perfectly honest, I would be walking back to camp and pretend to all or say you left something behind and I would run back to the beach and swim out to the sea to look for that bottle. Why didn’t anyone do that? You could have. Run and SAVE YOUR ASS.

Secondly, I didn’t like the way Sugar reacted when Matt told her what she did was wrong. I heard him mention something like ‘Ace wasn’t going to vote you out. He might have in the future but now he wouldn’t’.

Ah-ha! Ace might have. So, techincally speacking, SUGAR SAVED YOUR ASS MATT.

People are so ungrateful




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