I am confirm going to get confirmed

5 11 2008

So, I am getting confirmed in a couple days and incase some of you aren’t catholic/christian and are reading this, getting confirmed is a holy ritual which signifies that we are ready to use the holy spirit in our lives. That is the text book answer. To all those getting confirmed, it is like a sort of graduation from religious classes. ( I am being perfectly honest here).

Everyone is telling me that they are super excited and everything. I am not very excited. Yeah, I am excited to receive the holy spirit and I believe I am ready. However, I am not very excited to leave my friends. With out any more religious classes, I will hardly see them. Yes there will still be mass but it won’t be the same. That’s the end. The end of having fun in class. The end of church gossip. The end of certain friendships.

Yea, I know I sound dramatic but I am serious. The only way you get to experience all that again is to join a ministry.

That is why I have decided to either stay with the Youth Ministry, join catherigst or stop for a year to concentrate on National exams.

I have 2 months to figure it out.




One response

6 11 2008

Good for you!

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