He Claims to do the most appaling thing in the world

4 11 2008


There’s this video on Youtube which I find appaling. It is seriously appaling. I remember seing it when I was much younger but I wasn’t reminded about it until very recently. I was just scanning random youtube videos until I found a response about it. Then I went to look it up and I just….I was thinking ‘That’s one crazy ass nigger” and I am not known to use or think of words at bring people to a lower standard that they should be treated.  I am serious. I had to use it for that guy. He is so appaling and shocking and….. I am speachless and not in the good way.

People say that the video is fake. I would love to believe that but I feel that I can’t. When you post something like that up on Youtube, a website used by everyone of any age around the globe, I will take you seriously. I will. 

I just realised I haven’t mentioned what the video is about. It is this african-american guy…no… allow me to be very blunt… it is this crazy ass nigger saying that he gave over 1500 girls and women, latino, white and african-american, HIV. He names a few and gives some ages. The he goes on saying that he wants to teach these girls a lesson.” Don’t be so cheap. You might get HIV.”  What kind of sick-o are you? I think the only reason why he is saying that he wants to teach the girls a lesson is so he has a more civilised excuse a part from he wants to ‘do’ 15000 girls. He says that by the time he dies, he wants to ‘do’ 4 million girls in total. Seriously, this is one crazy ass nigger.

People will tell me not to worry. It’s fake. If it is fake, it is a really serious thing to say. Your sister, mom, daughter, cousin, niece could be next. You sick crazy ass nigger! Even if you are a fake, it was a cruel thing to do. ‘


( this is where I found the response. To find the original go to youtube and search He Claims to have Infected 12,000 Young Girls With HIV and scroll all the way down. The video is too appaling to be put up on my blog).




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4 11 2008
He Claims to do the most appaling thing in the world | jdTVu

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