The miracle of Writing/Blogging

31 10 2008

Writing to many people may mean many different things. It could mean stories,essays, notes and personal experiences. Writing comes in different forms. Just to name a few: Blogs, diaries, articles, letter, etc.

In my daily life, I kept a blog ( obviously, you’re reading it now!) and a diary/journal. Some people find it troublesome keeping both. After you rant on your blog, you are in no mood to repeat everything in your journal because you would think it is a waste of time.

My blog, as some of you would know, isn’t very personal. It does contain personal and random post but it is not like every time you check my blog you read my rants about some boy I have a major crush on or something. You kind of see a variety of topics and styles of writing(That is the impression I wanted to give). I blog about politics, religion, conflict, random rants and personal stuff.

I feel that personal posts are required. May be one every month, just to remind everyone that you are human. Flesh, blood, skin…cells… You get what I mean.

Anyways, writing/blogging is like walking on the moon. You leave footsteps on the moon and there is no wind or water to wash your foot steps away. Yout foot steps on your blog or in your journal are not washed away. That is unless you wash up your own foot steps but then again, different story.I am not talking about getting kicked off a blog site. I am talking in general.

I like blogging and keeping a journal. I always imagine my great great grand daughter or son reading my life when I write my blog or journal. I picture my daughter or daughter in law reading certain entries to their kids as bed time stories and I know I am 15 and all but I like thinking about it. It is very calming.  However, it doesn’t make me write occurrences that are not always considered okay by society. Hey, no one is perfect.

I leave foot prints. They tell you CHEYENNE PHILLIPS WAS HERE.  You know me even if you never met me and I think that is the most amazing thing about writing.




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