education systems

21 10 2008

Living in Singapore is one of the most stressful environments to live in, schooling or working. Living in a society obsessed with success, the moment you don’t perform up to par, you are done for. Gone. You are considered a failure. Even if you are happy, you would still be a failure in the eyes of the public.

When it  comes to schools, the most accadamics can get you is a ticket to collage and no one ever mentioned this ticket was free. To be honest, I feel that there is more to life than just school and acadamics.

You need skills and values. This is what will drive you to the top. You will be the head of the top of the food chain. That is what schools should drill into students heads. That should be right on top , right next to acadamics.A good balance.

I have a bunch of great ideas. Now someone point me in the direction of a person in the education system that would listen to a school girl who has yet to complete high school.




One response

21 10 2008

Dear Cheyenne Phillips: Hello

Read your comments on education system prevailing in Singapore.

In my view, failure is the first step towards success. If one door closes there are 10 new windows that have opened for you, the only thing is one should be able to indentify which window to knock at.

Basic education is must, one must have the confidence to face this world and at the end of the day each one of gets 24-hours in day and we should not forget Darwin;s theory of “STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE AND SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

Put up a brave front and face the challenge, soon there would be no challenge to face.

Bye and Good luck.

(A friend of Humanity)

Always pray to God and Thank god for having sent you to earth to serve your fellow beings.

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