When I grow up

14 10 2008

Today as a post-exam activity (activities that are done after the exams), my class and 3.7 had a carrer guidence talk. When I saw what was on for the day, I knew this would be the time people would tear down our goals for our dream/ideal carrers. In a way, I was wrong.

We were given new prespectives on certain occupations and the demand of it right now. Well, I don’t get looking at the demand right now. I am not working now. I am thinking a head. Way ahead. Try ten years from now. I want to be a marine biologist/oceanologist or an actor but I am not going to talk about actor right now.

With the increase in Global Warming and Climate change, people who scecialise in oceanology and marine life will be in demand. They need to work with other specialist to either create a new way for people to live ( like living under water) or find a end to the threat of rising sea levels. SO I think my future is covered.

The speacker kept going on about money. Money,Money, Money, Money, MONEY. Money makes the world go round. To be honest, to be perfectly honest, I am not looking for a high income job. I am just looking for a job that I know I will enjoy although, truth be told that all jobs are boring. I just want to go to work and know that anything can happen. Anything. It won’t look so boring any more.




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