Someone please explain…

10 09 2008

HA! This is one good video. I was just randomly searching youtube and it popped out.HA!

I have always had this belief that Christianity and Islam were pretty much the same. They both have eternal life, eternal pain, one god, hatred of homosexuality and women inferios to men. Yes there are many more to name but these were cam out in the video. I am not going to touch on the pork or multiple wives.

I am a christian. I have friends who are muslim. I tell them that Christianity is about love and peace and they tell me that Islam is also about love and peace. You really would think everyone would get along. You like love. I like love. LETS BE FRIENDS! Nope. The two religions which promote peace and love are practising war and hate. I don’t see how two groups of people who believe in peace and love can result in love and hate. I really don’t. It would be appreciated someone could explain to me how two groups of people who believe in love and peace result in war and hate. I would like to know.




One response

10 09 2008

religion are man made…and are false…
god created this world and fools create religion

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