Camp Rock review

10 09 2008

I honestly thought, that after high school musical one and two, Disney would give us another fantastic movie. Boy, was I wrong. I will applaud Disney with HSM 1 and 2 because they were great. Camp Rock was crap. I’ll really sorry. It was crap. It was so predictable. It was so awkward. Problems and solutions just started popping up really awkwardly and randomly. Certain scenes could be alot better.

Disney doesn’t usually disappoint. However, Camp Rock is a disappointment. I’ll tell you what I liked.

  1.  I liked some of the songs. Okay, most of the songs! So, Disney should give their song writers a raise, a bonus, ANYTHING. They should have credit.
  2.  I liked Joe’s guitar bag and many of the props that were on set. So, the prop people should get a raise too.
  3. I liked Caitlyn’s ( or is her name spelt Katlyn???), Peggy’s, Shane’s and Michiie’s mum’s outfits. Costume people will get the credit for that. I just want to ask one thing. Who chose Michiie’s outfits? Not very good.
  4. Brilliant location.
  5. I loved the first performance of final jam! Good actors there and great choreography! The mirrors in Tess’ act were good too.
  6. The drummer dude! Man he is awesome!!!

What are the things I don’t like???

  1. The plot. Geez, it was so predictable. I even knew Peggy was going to win. Seriously, Karin Gist, Regina Hicks, Julie Brown and Paul Brown!!! Who came up with the idea of framing Michiie? It was a not so good idea. Unless, you had a way of proving that Tess but it there! Then the girls could be fighting right up until the end. Make them do an improvised act together. That would be really fun. Then they realise what each other wants during the song and be friends in the end. To make it even more fun, make sure they don’t win the final jam. Get the first act to win or Peggy still could win. That would be so fun!
  2. There were so many scenes that were awkward and weird. I won’t blame the writers. I blame the director. Why is Michiie looking away from her mum when she is thanking her when they first arrive at Camp Rock? Why can’t you just have the camera point from the front window and film the scene so that they look at each other? And what is with Joe hiding from the girls and the girls never turning to find him behind the really SKINNY bush???
  3. Peggy’s charector was unknown. I only figured out who she was at the end! What is with that? She needed to develop the charector more. Give her some time alone with Michiie or what? Writers fault her. The girl wasn’t given the chance to develop her charector.

Yea, there are more goods than bad but the bad is very very bad!!!! The writers and director is very important to movies. They screw up, the movie is screwed. Camp Rock is one example.




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10 09 2008
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