A friend in disguise

6 09 2008

There is this guy I often under estimate. He is my second cousin’s boyfriend. He and me have known each other for a couple of years now. Geez, I’ve known him longer than his girlfriend has known him. Just so you know, I did not set them up. Anyways, today I was hanging out with my second cousin and all night I knew who she was messaging. So, I told her something which her boyfriend told me and she was just like smiling, being all happy. She wasn’t giving the I’m-hiding-the-fact-that-I’m-angry smile. She was giving a nice smile. Anyways, her boyfriend told me that was a dumb thing to do and I told him it just slipped out ( no it didn’t). He said that there were lots of things about me that he could ‘slip out’ as well. Then he just said to forget it.

I feel bad. Honestly, I do. I shouldn’t have said anything. There are lots of things I know about him. Many I still keep a secret, that one should have stayed a secret too. He,in turn, knows a lot about me. I know that he knows a lot more than I think he does. I don’t want to under estimate him any more. He can either be a powerful friend or a dangerous enemy and right now, I think he’s the dangerous enemy. But when he told me to forget it, it confirmed two things. One was he didn’t want to discuss it any more or/and would properbly forgive me. Two is that he and me aren’t so different. It is just he is more of a friend to me than I have been to him.

People around you know more that you think or would like them to know. They could easily bring back a haunted past or start a horrible future. Observe the people around you and figure out who can be really mean but chose not to. I know who it is and I really really want to be a better friend towards him.

That is one of my goals right now. In fact, it is at the top of my list.




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