Formula One’s Night Race tonight

28 09 2008

So Formula  One is in Singapore and tonight is the big race. This is the very first night race in F1history and this is the very first time Singapore is hosting an F1 race.

To be perfectly honest, I am not a major F1 fan. The only thing I know about F1 is that there is this racer, Lewis Hamilton (if the spelling is wrong, my apologies) and that there is this team named Ferrari and to know only these facts about F1 shows that I am an F1 loser. I know nothing about F1 expect that it is a big race.

Anyways the race is tonight and I have no intention of watching. I pity all those people going out to watch the race today. They only get one tiny look at the car before it disappears before their vey eyes. It is also a nice breeze when they drive by.

Still, I want to wish all the divers good luck tonight and may the fastest car win.


Why you should not believe in gangs.

26 09 2008

Everyone from any country should knw about these group of kids or young people, terrorising other young people. Gangs. People who waste time and scare other people for fun. have they ever thought of working for an amusement park’s haunted house? They scare people and make money.

I don’t believe in Gangs. I don’t get the whole concept of coming together in a big violent group and terrorise little kids half you height and age. A 12 year old kid, unarmed, against 5 17 year olds, armed. Seriously what did the two year old do to 5 17 year old guys? Throw her math book at you. Even if she did, it is not like her math book killed anyone. It doesn’t have razor sharp spikes poking out of it. It is does then well education these days are very dangerous.

Gangs don’t scare me. They are just made up of a punch of scared people who can’t stand on their own and defend themselves. The come together in a big group because they feel comfort in numbers. Numbers is also very intimidating. However, once gangs know you aren’t afraid of them, they tend to back off. That is why I don’t believe in Gangs.

The things that makes life interesting

26 09 2008

This might be a silly statement but I learn a lot in school. Of course. I am suppose to learn a lot in school. I lean about the human body. I learn about conflicts in the world. I learn about natural disasters and…. lots of math. However, one thing I have realised is that the world is a very interesting place. Conflicts.Civil wars. Arguments over Genetically Modified (GM) foods. Save the environment. Cure Aids. Build the wall. Tear down the wall. Do this. Do that. People are so opinionated. You might not like their opinions but then I don’t care about that. Like I have said you have your opinions and I have mine. They may contradict but, then again, who cares?

So anyway, my Social Studies teacher was just finishing up the chapter on the conflict in Northern Ireland and I was just making my Geography notes (which I have yet to complete), and I realised ” People enjoy so much drama”. “People need action. People need something-can be negative and most things in this world are negative- to talk about”. When people watch action-packed films, they love it so much they want to reenact it in real life.

You all need drama to happen to be opinionated. The conflict between the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. Good or bad? My opinion: BAD! They both worship the same god. What is the difference between the two of them?  Bloody Sunday was one really sad day. That was the day which the Catholics had to fight for their lives! That day and the days that followed, they had to fight for survival. The turned to the Irish Republic Army, which I understand is a terrorist group. Good or bad? If you have no where to go and you were being bullied very badly and you had someone, bigger, strong, more violent than you to help you out? what would you do? Don’t lie. You will die if you don’t get their help! I could run to them fast. I don’t want to die!

The GM foods. People say not good. People say great. Well, if there wasn’t the risk of eating GM foods, people will then argue that there will be a lose of of biodiversity. Everyone finds something to complain or argue or have an opinion about. DRAMA! Drama is what makes life interesting.

It is a sad truth. You need war and conflicts and people disagreeing to make this world interesting, even if people die in the process. It is a sad truth and it feels really horrible pointing it out. It’s sad. I don’t know.

People just need something to talk about.


24 09 2008

Podcast. I feel like this really ugly and disgusting alien whenever I hear the word Podcast. Mainly because I have no idea what a Podcast it. The Secondary 1s ( or freshmen if you wish to call them) were doing Podcast as a IT project. I know what it is. It is like a recording which you can listen to over and over and over again. It is  like a CD only it can be done by anyone.

I really don’t understand. Why is there a need for Podcast? If you are going to go on about your ex, then no one is going to bother to listen to a word you say. Podcast, if going to be used for that reason, is going to be a waste of space on the internet. I say if you want Podcast, make them useful!

punching a jonas brother…

23 09 2008

My goodness gracious me! When I saw this, I thought it was the ost hilarious thing I have ever read. A boy punched this dude who looked like A jonas brother. I read it and I went ‘well good thing the real jonas brothers were no where near that dude’.

To be honest, after thinking about it, I wish I could punch a Jonas Brother. Yeah. Everyone hates me now. Well I wouldn’t punch Kevin. May be the other two. Think about it. Almost everyone wants to be famous. I want to be famous and there is very limited space in the famous club. 3 spots are gone and now there are fewer places left. Yes, I do want to punch them. Now it is going to be harder for me to get into that group of exclusive people.

Nah. I am not that mean to punch a Jonas brother.


22 09 2008

My neighbourhoont,d is very small. If I am not wrong, it is the smallest neighbourhood in Singapore. Almost every each of land is taken up by apartment houses or condos. Now, the big plot of land in front of my place is going to be converted into land for a new condo. What is the world?

Singapore is already one of the world most crowded places on earth. Take our population divided by our land size and you will be surprise how many people take up 1 square meter of land. Now people want to build more places to live in. Why? Singapore is already so crowded. Soon you can’t even walk in the street. Sigh.

People, should think. We still have houses in Jurong that haven’t been filled and you are building new ones. Tsk-Tsk,

Mama-mia….that was….

22 09 2008

Let me tell you all something! Listen up. I love my movies. I love my music. And I love my musicals. I will tell you all now, that the one musical that was the best so far was MAMA-MIA. You thought I would have said it was horrible right? Nope. Mama-Mia, unlike Camp Rock, met my expectations. No. It went beyond my expectations. I just didn’t like the part when she was running away from the church and the next scene, she was running towards the church. If you saw the movie, you know what I mean.

It was very comical. You suddenly have people come up from nowhere singing along to you. LOL! Credit goes to everyone. A wonderful and comical movie, unexpected and yet met all expectations.