Wise words from My English teacher

24 07 2008

Did any one ever think what Blog stand for?

Bout Life Or Garbage.

I’m kidding but you have to admit. It makes sense actually. People go around blogging about their lives, the lives of others or absolutely random nonsense.

I wonder how people write interesting blog post which engage other people. This question is one of which puzzles me the most. I read blogs and I can bet you do too. Some are good, some are okay and some can use work. I always try to remember the most important thing my English teacher tells me before I write an essay, any essay wheather  it is a narrative, a report, an article or a letter. She would say ‘ Remember who your audience is’ and she would go on to explain.

I really never thought I would ever be quoting her but then she has a point. Audience is important. I like to think that I am writing to the general public. Sometimes I’m addressing specific groups of people. I always try and remember my audience when I am blogging. It makes it easier to use the appropriate wording and sentence structure ( I’m sounding so much like my English teacher now). Some groups of people like teens need things told to them straight forward. Some adults prefer it that way too. Others may like to read formal entries. At the same time, some people prefer reading informal and casual posts. With so many different styles of writing, which do you pick? Well, pick the style of writing you are used to. If you enjoy writing in a formal manner, then do so. If you enjoy informal and casual, then go ahead. Your blog, your style.

Another thing my English teacher would tell us is to remember our tone. Again, there are many kinds of tones. You can be funny, sarcastic, neutral, casual etc. etc. However, some of these are traits. If you aren’t naturally funny and you try and be funny, sometimes you over do it and the comedy in your post is lost. Sometimes being too sarcastic can seem harsh. Neutral can be mistaken for no sympathy. You need a balance. You need to try and be funny but your wild sense of humor down. You can be sarcastic but not too often and neutral in certain issues. Usually, the casual tone works because you have sarcasm, comedy and everything else together. The best tone, really, is your tone. I am very dramatic and passionate and I’m not sure if that shows through my writing. Be yourself when it comes to tone. Your readers will figure you out, eventually.

Spelling and grammar is very, very important.  Haha. My English teacher keeps stressing on this. She says that you need to always be careful with your words. There are often words people will misspell. My advice: use SPELL CHECK and even after spell check, you should read through your post again.  There will definitely be mistakes either in your grammar, sentence structure or wording of phases. Sometimes, when you read back, you come up with better ways to express yourself too.

Well, that’s all for basic language. What about topics or subjects to write about?

Basically, you can blog about anything under the sun. I have noticed that many people tend to write a lot about politics. I think that is maybe it is because politics have a very big impact on people’s lives. You don’t have to blog about politics tho, if you don’t want to. It is up to you, really. I mainly blog about things that inspire me or things that are on my mind and I feel that I really need to voice them out. I usually try and find an interesting occurence in my day and blog about it. Prephas you would like to take this up too.

You don’t have to blog immediately after you create a blog ( although a lot of people do). Take your time to build up your blog. Don’t go for major or wide topic. Start with an introduction ( another wise words from my English teacher). WordPress.com offers bloggers with an About Page. Other sites may not. It doesn’t matter. Start your blog off with an introduction. That should be one of the first things you should do first. You don’t have to say your full name (unless you want to). Do include your age or age group so that your readers get a better idea about you. You might just surprise them with your blog. Let your readers know where you stay. I’m not telling you to put your full address down, just your country and state. Everything else can remain private. After all this basic information, you can inform your readers about your interest and your personality. You can quote books and pharses to help you. You can always go back and edit your About Page.

You are almost there. Now about the topics.  Like I said previously, you can blog about anything under that big, old sun. Politics are popular and so is news. DON’T, please, blog and bitch about people who irritate the heck out of you. People may not be very interested. They have their own problems to worry about too. You can ask for advice on something you need help in. That is perfectly fine. Just remember to blank out names. Use fake names or alphabets instead. Also, don’t tell secrets you shouldn’t be telling. I don’t think it would be very decent if your aunt found out you blogged about her addiction to smoking. Another thing to watch out for is to becareful what you put up. in some countries, discrimination and defaming people and organisations is illegal. Your word can hurt.

Thats all for now folks.

I hope you learnt something.

I really hope I can practise what ever I preached.




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