My Ala Mater

20 07 2008

Today, on the way home, we passed by my Dad’s Ala Mater, St. Steven’s Primary and St. Patrick’s Secondary. It made me think about my Ala mater. Well, I don’t really have an Ala mater because I am still schooling in it.

Saint Anthony’s Cannosian Secondary School and Primary Schools ( SAC) is my ala mater. I am very proud to call myself an SACian. I am proud of each and everyone of our girls and I would like to give a big shout out to all the floorballers, mainly my sister and her team mates. I was watching their match today. They played very well for new comers into the game. With more experience playing against schools, they will feel the statisfaction of winning. Now, they should learn and watch.

SAC may not be considered a good school if you ask other students from other schools.  I don’t care. I am proud to be there. I am proud to come from there.

When I am successful at my 20th class reunion, everyone will be proud to be there because everyone will be happy and successful




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