Don’t judge.

15 07 2008

I’ve had people tell me that I think more maturely than usual 14-15 year old girls. You’d think a girl my age would write about fashion and boys and how cute I think Jesse Mc Cartney is ( which is very cute by the way) or how annoying some girl can be. Well, I am that kind of girl and I do write about those stuff but in my diary or journal, which ever you wish to all it. If you were to read my diary and compared it to my blog, you would see a very distinct difference between the two. I turn from Teen girl to intelligent young lady. Ha! Well, sometimes you should never judge by age. Looks are often judged and people are often told to back off on people who aren’t that good looking. Now I am going to tell all of you to back off people who blog more intelligently than their age is expected.

Everyone has a say right? Why don’t you let the young have a say too? Don’t judge because of their age. The might be alot wiser than you actually think they are. Usually you find the easiest and most intelligent answers from the youngest in the group. Sometimes it is also the opposite way around. People say they are 45 and they might not be as wise as you think they are. Lesson to be learn don’t judge people, ever.




One response

21 05 2009

I agree! People think that teen girls are so occupied with boys and stuff, that we dont know what we want in life. But what adult does?

Nice Blog! Maybe you’d like mine?

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